The PAS-backed Kempen Anti-Saman Ekor (Kase) today questioned the 831 locations published by the Road Transport Department (RTD) where the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) would be set up, pointing out that some of the locations provided were downright incredulous.

“The list has created a lot of confusion... for Jalan Baru Balik Pulau, route P106, we checked the coordinates and the location given was in the middle of the sea.

“Is this AES camera to capture ships? Perhaps a Scorpene submarine will be emerging there,” Kase legal adviser Zulhaimi Shariff told a press conference at the Parliament lobby this afternoon.

A check on Google Maps with coordinates at latitude of 5.193910 and longtitude 100.122044 found the location was off the south-west shore of Penang island.

Another example, he said, was the coordinates provided for a traffic light between Jalan Bintong and Jalan Padang Katong which showed it was in the middle of the jungle within the Perlis State Park.

“The problem is the locations announced by RTD are inaccurate, they should postpone it and do a proper site visit before announcing the locations,” he said.

NONEEarlier, PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar (right) said the government had fumbled over the the AES, particularly Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha.

“Yesterday the transport minister told the people to remain calm, that the location list was proposed by the police and is not final.

“This clearly shows the minister does not know what is happening, the list is not proposed by the police but by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros),” he said.

Citing a 2002-2012 report on accident prone areas by the Engineering and Geotechnique branch of the Safety Division in the Public Works Department, Mahfuz said the data did not reflect the the 556 planned areas for AES which were supposedly prone to fatal accidents due to speeding.

The other 275 locations will be at traffic lights.

“I have not counted them all in the report, but they certainly do not reach 500, I don’t think it even reached 100. This is based on PWD’s information, unless Miros and RTD would like to contradict them,” he said.

As such, Mahfuz called on the government to suspend the AES system until a proper study is conducted.