Wednesday 17 October 2012

EC not stupid, everything's done deliberately

YOURSAY 'Of course, the irony is that our South Korean friends have shown how it can be done here in Malaysia.'

Overseas voting: S Koreans show how it's done

your sayJaguh: Overseas voting is not new. Every developed country has almost the same method, Australia, Japan, the UK, the US, the European Union, etc, and we do not need to 'invent' a new system, just adopt one of them and go with it.

The EC must now show transparency in its stance. Of course, the irony is that our South Korean friends have shown how it can be done here in Malaysia.

Geronimo: The problem is that the Election Commission (EC) is too busy trying to figure out ways to ensure that Umno stays in government instead of coming out with creative ways to make such voting system for overseas Malaysians possible. They just don't have the will, period.

Kgen: No, it's not that the EC is stupid or incompetent in implementing voting for overseas Malaysians. It's just that they are unwilling to do so as they know that the majority of overseas Malaysians do not support BN.

The mechanism for overseas voting already exist for civil servants and government-sponsored students. Coincidentally (or not), they are also the groups which are expected to support BN.

Our EC is the most cunning in the world in playing a double game to tilt the playing field in favour of BN.

SilKn: The EC is not stupid. How can a stupid establishment continue to mislead the rakyat since 1957. Everything it does is done deliberately. The facts speaks for themselves.

Anonymous_40f4: Our Umno stooge, the EC, is purposely giving excuses to deny Malaysians overseas to vote. The EC, like all other government or semi-government agencies, is there to do all it can for BN to win.

The media propaganda is nauseating. They have been doing it for donkey's years and they have no shame.

Anonymous #18452573: This is not a case of BN's inability to implement the system, but rather its unwillingness to implement any system that BN deems to work against them staying in power.

BN fears that in order for the rakyat to win back Malaysia, BN will first have to lose. It has never been about being fair or clean.

HERO325: You all are not stupid, but you are working for Pakatan Rakyat. You just want to undermine the EC to benefit Pakatan.

Myop101: Hero325, how would clean and fair election for all citizens of Malaysia be beneficial for Pakatan alone?

It is beneficial to everyone including BN, because any winners from a fair and clean electoral system would win without questions being raised on the legitimacy of such victories.

The problem is, the EC keeps on delaying such reforms.

Whatsup: We have lots of talents in this beloved country of ours, and I believe we don't have to follow others on how to carry out election democratically. We are neither fools nor undeveloped, and definitely not without financial means.

Unfortunately, there are those who chose to use their talents against their conscience, religion and humanity, and consort with the devil and corrupt for their own selfish financial gains (the root of all evil) with total selfish disregards to their fellow countrymen and our future generation, thinking that they are the special ones born to lord over others and betraying their very religious belief and level of civility.

For those who still believe that EC does no wrong, a simple glance at the number of voters for each constituency is sufficient enough to brand EC as colluding with the ruling party for continual governing, among other criminal activities the EC has committed against the rakyat.

Anonymous #97893788: Let us all take a step back and look at our elections. We are not electing our prime minister. We are only electing our MPs and wakil rakyat.

How are you going to distribute the vote to the right constituency? Here is where the abuse comes in, just like the postal vote the army and police are doing. We cannot make sure the vote is given to the right constituency.

Telestai!: The EC knows that overseas voters will not benefit BN, hence the foot-dragging. Constituency voting or presidential elections is not the issue.

Almost all countries have constituency or presidential voting, or both. Good examples are countries like the US, Indonesia, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The issue is, what has the EC done to promote the voting rights of overseas Malaysians?

I am a Malaysian working overseas and I can say that it is frustrating not being able to exercise my right. Traveling home to vote is not feasible because of the short campaign period plus organising my kids and house to be looked after on short notice is not so easily done.

Armageddon: Quite often we hear of government officers conducting visits to various countries i.e. ‘lawatan sambil belajar'. Obviously they learn nothing. Only their spouses learn ‘how to shop'.

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