Monday 22 October 2012

Desperate MCA tactics show it's past its sell-by date

YOURSAYIn an age about new politics and debating about policies, these dinosaurs choose to get personal - down and dirty at that. Poor sods.'

MCA unveils new look for delegates

your sayGood men: Every wrong way to go about things, MCA will choose it.

Clever voter: The party is too entrenched in its old ways, and its unwillingness to change, let alone repent, will see its demise in time to come. It's history for us to feel and see.

Karma: MCA is so lost that it went on attacking others in the displays. It can't tell what it did best for the community. Support for MCA is support for corruption. Now it takes on PAS. Let's see what comes next, when one attacks Islamic elements.

ADJ: Lol (laugh out loud), so petty. In an age about new politics and debating about policies, these dinosaurs choose to get personal - down and dirty at that. Poor sods.

TimeForChange: The MCA members who attended the annual general assembly (AGM) are stupid to do so. Those who believe all the crap thrown at them by the MCA leaders are more stupid. The MCA leaders are the most stupid if they think that the rakyat will be impressed with their shoe-polishing antics.

Thank you, MCA, for pushing more fence sitters to vote ABU (Asalkan bukan Umno, which means ‘as long as not Umno' in Bahasa Malaysia). Where is your pride and dignity?

Anonymous #45610822: I have not seen, for over 50 years, MCA running scared. It is trying to do its best evil acts before been terminated by the rakyat and God.

Giudice: If this is the best that MCA can come up with, then, it confirms what we already know - MCA is past its sell-by date. It is ineffective, powerless and without substance.

Let's send it a message loud and clear in the next general election - until and unless MCA can reinvent itself and prove that it genuinely has Malaysians' interests at heart, be prepared to stand up to Umno for what is right, is led by honest and competent leaders, we will not give it a second chance.

Kgen: An MCA bankrupt of ideas on how to move the nation forward.

Malaysian First & Last: "MCA... It's not worth the T-shirt that is written on". You have totally lost your struggle and direction. I don't see how you can represent the Malaysian Chinese community.

Ksn: How silly, how low, how brainless, without class, without standard MCA has turned out to be. This change of dress code is expected to make the Chinese return to MCA's support, to quote Liow Tiong Lai, I believe. What do they take Chinese for? Pathetic, is it not?

Sabahan: MCA is now regressing, becoming more and more childish and immature. Politicians during independence were mature, and treated one another with respect. Now, BN tries to depict Pakatan as traitors or enemies. I think it is time for BN to be wiped out before we Malaysians are wiped out by its incompetence and stupidity.

Jimmy: When a running dog is cornered and finds nowhere to head to, its only reaction is to bark, bark loudly and fiercely. That is what M see A is doing today.

Dood: These guys are so deluded and desperate that they really think they can save themselves by going with a negative campaign against Pakatan Rakyat. Little do they know that this is worse than highlighting whatever little achievements and accomplishments that they can be proud of.

TL: They look like thugs in that outfit.

Raikonen: So old still take ‘I love PM' placards... teenagers.

Bystander: What befitting new attire to usher MCA into condemnation of complete oblivion once and for all in the forthcoming general election (GE), with the big X on the back of each of those useless and spineless creatures!

Whoever designed it must have that premonition in mind. Good on you mate. Desperate attempt to threaten the Chinese to choose stability over chaos! I can accept a storm before calm if it can bring changes for the future of Malaysia. Long overdue for a complete change, to all right-minded Malaysians.

Yahoo: Thank you MCA for this free Pakatan campaign. The negative propaganda on Pakatan degrades your dignity and self-respect and also reflects to the public your dejection and hopelessness. It won't bring back the Chinese voters.

Anonymous#70866269: All these years they conned the Chinese by having the white uniform pretending they are pure, clean, honest and uncorrupted. Now, MCA has transformed by wearing blue, hoping that Umno will allocate a few safe seats for it - or else no Chinese representation in BN. What a pathetic party. Dissolving MCA is a better option than selling your soul and dignity.

Anonymous_40c3: Will the wine taste better in a new bottle?

Nambekei 7: Blue is a very nice colour but is now spoilt by MCA morons. They will be singing the blues after the next GE.

TKKok: MCA, please stop humiliating the Chinese.

Clever voter: The T-shirts resemble uniforms for convicts in jail cells. What a joke.

Jk7462000: MCA is in for a big surprise in GE13. Reality will be painful for the party. There will at least be a bit of hope if Dr Chua Soi Lek is not the president. Having him as president is a death sentence or the MCA.

Retnam: MIC has been humiliating the Indians all this while. Now MCA has taken over and is going full swing insulting and humiliating the Chinese by boasting how slavish they are to Umno.

Sabm: MCA members used to wear white uniforms, now changed to blue. After GE13, all will be in black. All three are funeral colours for the Chinese.

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