Thursday 4 October 2012

Confirmed - the corrupt are protected by the law

YOURSAY 'The MACC is only making and giving excuses by blaming the alleged weakness in the law to save the corrupt BN leaders.'

'Archaic law' stops MACC action against 'rich leader'

your sayKsn: There are laws preventing action being taken against the corrupt politicians, both state or federal leaders?

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has taken its own sweet time to reveal this restriction. If this is true, it is a stupid law.

No wonder our politicians and their families are so brave to abuse their positions to amass huge amount of money and assets at the country's expense, knowing very well that the law protects them all, the corrupt.

Can the opposition move a motion to amend that restrictions so that the corrupt are not protected by law?

Let us watch the fun then whether the Umno Baru government supports or opposes the amendment and whether MACC will follow up on it.

Ourvotesdecide!: The MACC is only giving excuses by blaming the alleged weakness in the law to save the corrupt BN leaders.

In any case, there are so many laws which can be used to arrest and prosecute these corrupt BN leaders, such as the Money Laundering Act, etc.

All the evidence and even witnesses are there to support the cases against these corrupt BN leaders and yet MACC does not have the will to act.

Vote for Pakatan Rakyat, only then things will change for the better in Malaysia. We cannot expect the BN to catch a thief when they are themselves are crooks.

Anonymous_40dc: In conclusion, the government is not serious in fighting big-time corruption. It is only keen on petty-cash corruption.

Slumdog: In Australia, all the state anti-corruption agencies report directly to parliament. The agencies also have powers to file charges against the accused and bring the matter to court.

This demonstrates total independence from the executive arm of government and there is no undue influence by any ministers.

Unfortunately, this is not the Malaysian model where the MACC is under the responsibility of the PM, considered by some as one of the nation's most corrupt felons.

RR: This is bullshit. All are equal in law and no one, including the sultans, is above the law when a crime is committed.

I cannot understand MACC's story. MACC has gone through many reformation of rules in the recent past to equip them to do their job well.

It appears that Parliament has to once again review the standard operating procedures of MACC for it to be really effective.

Abuminable: Feudal power structures are as old as the hills - almost! Their days are over but it takes time for the so-called masses to awaken from their trance and reclaim their sovereign power as free individuals who cohere to natural justice instead of lopsided man-made laws.

Right now, who will step up to attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and make a citizen's arrest? So long as this man poses as the AG, forget about "rule of law" - it's "rule by law" plain and simple, and the law is in his grubby hands.

Joseph Lee: If you cannot jail them for corruption, then I suggest that the Inland Revenue Board investigate them.

I don't believe that they would have declared their income. When it comes to income tax, the rich must prove that they have paid the taxes due on their alleged wealth.

BN and its civil servants are, as usual, talking nonsense.

Kanasai: Let's listen and act accordingly. If Sections 23 and 50 of the MACC Act 2009 need to amended, let's wait and see how BN MPs act on it if presented for review.

Tailek: If it is indeed the case that the existing laws are so bad that the MACC cannot prosecute that super-rich chief minister, then how on earth did the MACC secure convictions in other corruption cases involving less well-connected personalities.

This is just hogwash to fool the public. We are not that gullible.

Bootsie: MACC is dragging its feet on the matter. Why when opposition is involved, there is no such archaic laws to prevent investigation?

Zar: That is why MACC should be placed under Parliament and be answerable to it. It will be more transparent and responsible for their actions.

An ombudsman should be formed, not only for MACC but also for other government agencies, especially the police.
Dragon: It is the same old story - against BN, MACC is powerless to act.

Election Commission (EC), too, is powerless to act, and so are Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), Registrar of Societies (ROS), Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), AG (attorney-general), Inland Revenue Board (IRB), etc - all are powerless to act.

But against Suaram, these so-called powerless agencies can sit together and work hand-in-hand to find fault in the human rights NGO and have all the available laws - Sections 364(2), 166A(3), 169(14), 167(1), 167(2), and 132(1) of the Companies Act 1965 - to investigate it.

Ccsan: It is simple - if there is political will to amend any law, as the Parliament is controlled by the ruling party, it would have been done by now.

MACC should bring this matter up with the cabinet minister in charge. Include the clauses MACC wants to amend and see what happens.

Anonymous #06659895: Change of government will be much better than to wait for amendments to provisions for MACC.

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