Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has warned that BN's preparedness for the coming general election will include "dirty tactics" to undermine the state government.

dap kl convention 141012 lim guan engWithout mentioning what the tactics were, Lim (right) said Pakatan Rakyat was prepared should the BN unleash them.

He said he did not want to elaborate on the said tactics, because "if we do, then they will come out with new ones".

Lim then set out three things that Pakatan's first term assemblypersons must do to be ready for the coming onslaught when the polls are called.

Polls are expected to be held earliest at the end of the year, or latest by next April.

Lim said Pakatan must try their best to match the BN's machinery, if not resources, which he admitted the coalition would find hard to match.

"In Penang, we are the most prepared among the non-Malays, which is 70 percent. Among the Malays, (we know) BN is most prepared," said the DAP secretary general.

"In terms of resources, Umno is definitely more prepared as they have money to throw. If in Sabah, they manage to get RM40 million, I am sure they would be able to get as much resources in Penang," he added.

'Do your jobs'

Meanwhile,  Lim told Pakatan' first term assemblypersons to be "closer to the rakyat" as a means to prepare for the GE.

He reminded them to answer their phone calls, respond to complaints and conduct house to house visits frequently.

"Some have done it, but some have not. We must be frank and realistic about it."

Lim reminded the assemblypersons that they are elected representatives, and that they must "personally supervise" and ensure state projects and programmes are completed successfully.

"We must act and be determined to face their attacks. If dirty tactics we can be prepared but we need to prepare ourselves and be strengthened among us."