The Auditor-General's Report 2011 has "erased billions of ringgit” that have been lost through dubious deals, as well as "forgiven" many abandoned public projects to the detriment of the public interest, Pakatan Rakyat has charged.

"Billions of ringgit lost and erased, just like that,” Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told a press conference in his office in Parliament House today.

“Projects beneficial to the rakyat, like teachers’, and military housing schemes, are abandoned (and) forgiven, just like that."

azlanHe said Pakatan has studied the report in detail and will go on a nationwide tour soon to highlight the excesses to the people.

Anwar was speaking after chairing the Pakatan Leadership Council meeting.

The national audit report already earned Pakatan's ire for being delayed yet again this year, after last year saw it tabled about two weeks after the budget as opposed to just after or together with the Supply Bill, as was the case in prior years.

Pakatan has accused the report's delay last year and this year as blatant "interference by the executive" which they claim has "things to hide" and "redacted" those out of the audit reports.

The report which audits government agencies and institutions is sought after year on year by the Opposition and government critics to point out the various problems with government procurement and lack of maintenance of asset and problematic projects.