Friday 26 October 2012

Altantuya murder appeal hearing after GE?

YOURSAY 'I believe that the date of the appeal hearing will be fixed only after the PM fixes the date for the next general election.'

Altantuya murder appeal put off again - at last minute

your sayArmageddon: If the two men were found guilty, why didn't the authorities just hang them if the court does not want to hear their appeal?

Or could it be that the appeal is purposely delayed so that Altantuya Shaariibuu's father cannot pursue his lawsuit against the government - which he intended to - since the case is still pending. Something smells very fishy here.

Wira: I believe the date of the appeal hearing will be fixed only after the PM fixes the date for the next general election.

I am also thinking aloud that the two officers will have their sentences overturned or reduced because there cannot be a motive-free murder. Manslaughter should be the correct charge.

Kinikid: The repeated delay means the election is coming soon. Who has seen the two cops' faces? Perhaps they no longer exist.

Dont Just Talk: The best part is that the written judgment was only released in March this year.

Of course, the Court of Appeal can fast track the case and call an earlier hearing if it wants to, just like during the ‘backdoor Perak MB' Zambry Abdul Kadir's case, which took 24 hours. But unfortunately, these two murder convicts are not Zambry.

TimsTime: For the interest of the accused and the public, it is best that the case be convened as soon as possible, otherwise public confidence and doubts about the intentions of the court will go against the present government.

The two accused are always hooded, no pictures of them are published and the worst thing is they are the bodyguards of the PM, who also happens to be Abdul Razak Baginda's friend as well.

Anonymous_rb345: As far as I can remember, this is the first time the identities of the accused murderers have been kept confidential and with their faces covered throughout the court proceedings.

Are they under 18 years old that their identities have to be kept secret as required by the law? Why are other accused murderers not given the same treatment to conceal their identities from the public?

Can we have a team of foreign independent forensic experts to determine the identities of these two criminals by verifying their past dental, medical, DNA and other records?

Why is their safety a great concern to anyone when these two criminals are currently locked up in a high security prison pending death penalty?

Victor Johan: According to the article, " Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Lance Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar have been languishing in jail since late October 2006."

Really? Are these two fellows merely the ‘fall guys'?

These court case schedules and postponements are all but a drama. Rumour has it that the accused are often outside their cells, roaming around to attend to errands.

Another Hollywood or rather Bollywood movie serial in the making?

ABU, Don't Play Play: Convicted prisoners walking in and out of prison for a gala time while serving time is nothing new in Bolehland.

Those old enough to remember the case of Abdullah Lim decades ago can tell you that it was already standard operation during the time when Dr Mahathir Mohamad was PM in his earlier days.

The Mask: Are we sure they are the same two guys? The real ‘murderers' may be partying in Hawaii. We have never seen their faces since the trial began.

By the way, what special rights were they given to have their faces covered, while other regular accused had to use their hands, shirts or newspapers to do so? And we call this justice.

Onmu-itna: For all we (the rakyat) know, these two 'sacrificial lambs' are foreigners facing death penalties or those diagnosed of terminal illness, so therefore they are used as 'replacements' for the real murderers.

Of course, they are paid a sum of money for their next of kin before they 'die'. If not, why are the police so afraid to reveal their mugshots?

Whatsup: Our judges and courts are a shame, if you ask me. I doubt that these two murderers are languishing in jail. Not for a second!

In this Umnoland, where anything is possible as long as you support and proclaim your obedience and subserviency.

The fact that these two murderers can keep their faces hidden for so long shows clearly that they could well be free and living among us, leading a comfortable and luxurious life since no one has ever seen their faces before.

And it's not unbelievable these two being paraded in court may not even be them.

Tok: Umnoputra are gods - they do what they like. The rakyat are just dumb fools worshipping them just because they throw down some bread crumbs now and then.

Odin: The whole business is a farcical comedy that elicits zero mirth, only massive incredulity and disgust. It is an exact representation of the man behind it all.

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