Tuesday 25 September 2012

Water shortage film just one of many dirty plays

YOURSAY 'This is a despicable act. A real tragedy. Instead of solving problems, imaginary ones are being created.'

Staged water shortage filmed in secret in PJ

your sayAnonymous #37634848: My God, how low can you go?

Creative water shortage filming, splashing red paint on PKR buses, casting nails in the path of campaign vehicles, hooligans attacking opposition teams, creating havoc at a peaceful Bersih rally, selling burgers, ex-soldiers performing butt obscenities in front of the Bersih chairperson's house, etc.

The government and its leaders have gone deaf and dumb on these dirty plays, which implies that they are behind these acts.

Gerard Lourdesamy: This is a total lie because I just live across the road from the Happy Mansion Flats in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, just off Jalan 17/13.

I have lived in the area since 1970 and there are no water shortages, only the occasional water cut thanks to Syabas. When the Selangor Water Works Department was running the show we hardly had water cuts.

This commercial production is nothing but lies and slander. The residents were stupid to take part for a paltry RM50 per person.

I suggest Pakatan Rakyat produces an advertisment showing the lack of water, electricity and sanitation in many rural areas despite 55 years of BN rule or one on the raising crime rate in Section 17.

I will be more than happy to act for free since it is the truth despite denials from the police and the home minister.

Anonymous #44199885: This is a despicable act. A real tragedy for this country. Instead of solving problems, imaginary ones are created.

ADJ: It reminds me of how BN contracted advertising agencies to come out with ads on the "dangers of demonstrations" in newspaper, billboards, and other media to scare voters during the 1999 elections. Old habits die hard.

Gotcha: BN may use this film to show water shortages during 13th general election campaigning.

YUNoAnon: RM50 to depict an alleged water shortage in an allegedly affected state? How about getting an anonymous client to hire people to portray alleged radiation victims suffering in great pain as a result of rare earth mining and processing in a state here? Just saying.

Bluemountains: Selangor voters must punish them severely for cooking up stories every day. All the dams in Selangor are filled to the brim and yet they want to buy raw water from Pahang.

If there is insufficient treated water, will buying raw water from Pahang solve the problem? The fact is, all their projects have jammed up after March 2008 and their lifeline has been cut.

Concerned Netizen: The regime that knows that it days are numbered will will resort to increasingly desperate measures. Other than being bemused, I am actually encouraged by this. They are silly enough to believe that they can get away with it.

Anonymous #18452573: The state should take legal recourse against the main parties including holding the suppliers and contractors liable if they know they are participating and abetting in slandering and defaming a person, persons, corporation or state with fabrications, lies or deceit, for the purpose of deceiving the receiver of the information, with malicious and untrue content.

NewMalaysia: Whoever going to vote for BN in Selangor for this coming election, he/she can kiss goodbye to free water and start paying hefty water tariffs once BN regain power. The only way for Selangor to face a water shortage is sabotage by BN and Syabas. So, vote wisely!

Fair&Just: It seems now that the new craze of BN could be film making, such as the recent financing of RM4 million for ‘Tanda Putera', the earlier alleged "porno" films and now this mysterious filming at Section 17 which could be wasting taxpayers' money.

Fair Play: What is happening? Is 'the end justifies the means' a new slogan for our beautiful country?

Anonymous #4180917: Now that their plot has been nixed, I wonder if the government is still going to run the ad. If it does, it will play to the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who will laugh at BN every time it comes on air.

Oh well, I suppose the BN lackey and his friend who owns the production house that got the job to do this ad won't be complaining either way.

Don't Play-Play: Malaysiakini should know better that in filming a movie or an advert, everything is staged.

If Pakatan is making an advert about the generosity of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, don't you expect them to show him giving RM1 angpow to the poor?

Unless you are filming a documentary, which is entirely different, as then the setting is natural.

Benji Lee: Water shortage ad in Block A, Happy Mansions, Section 17? The only time we have problems with water in this area is when the water pipes burst. Over to you, Syabas.

Sarajun Hoda: The film should be named 'Innocence Of Syabas'.

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