Sunday 23 September 2012

TARC a sorry solution to a BN-created problem

YOURSAY 'It is frankly a sub-optimal solution to an Umno-created problem which MCA has never been able to solve even though it is part of BN.'

Najib: I've delivered change, no need for Pakatan

your sayAnonymous #91229726: To all Tarcians, because Umno refused to open up ITM (Institut Teknologi Mara) to non-bumiputeras some 40 years ago, as a compromise MCA was allowed to set up TARC (Tunku Abdul Rahman College) on an RM1 for RM1 basis. This is unfair.

Later when ITM was upgraded to UiTM (Universiti Teknology Mara), TARC was not allowed to be upgraded to university. This, too, is unfair. It was after a few years later that MCA was allowed to set up UTAR (University Tunku Abdul Rahman).

Voting for BN is to put Umno in power. Similarly voting for MCA is to put Umno in power. We will be unfairly treated again and again due to the weak position of MCA in BN.

Kit P: I do not belittle TARC, but it was and is frankly a sub-optimal solution to an Umno-created problem which MCA has never been able to solve even though it is part of BN - the deliberate restriction of access for children of non-bumis to public institutions of higher education.

TARC was an apartheid-type solution in the 1970s and 1980s. The availability of private higher education campuses since the 1990s has taken some of the pressure off the issue, but it does not change the nature of the fundamental inequity of government policy.

PM Najib Razak is being a hypocrite to claim credit for the BN government. BN created the problem and continues to sustain the problem.

Anonymous #91229726: I would say 80 percent of the Tarcians are students who are not successful in getting into the public institutions of higher learning.

The more Tarcians are produced by TARC, the more guilt MCA has to bear for not fighting hard enough for non-bumis to be given an equal chance in our public institutions of higher learning.

Starr: Change of policy in the Malaysian context is ineffectual if the same Umno-BN leadership is still running the country. Najib's tendency to back flip in implementing his reforms policy is a case in point.

You cannot have the same people who are the very cause of it all, initiating policy changes. The system of government must be revamped lock, stock and barrel, and the policy that caused the country's woes completely dismantled, not on a piecemeal basis.

If the house is severely infested with termites, the only way is to demolish the entire house, and rebuild it from scratch. Treating it will only delaying its imminent collapse.

Wira: Ah Jib Kor (Brother Najib), there is no change to institutional and Umno corruption since you became the leader. In fact, all indices had indicated that the country became worse off in corruption, competitiveness and transparency.

In addition, we don't believe in the data and statistics produced by your brown-nosed senior civil servants. Even a simple photograph had to be doctored, and this reflects your insecurity.

The government you lead has lost all credibility. Please ensure that you and your party leave peacefully and peaceably when Umno and gang lose the next general election.

Odin: Mr PM, surely a number of the graduates at the TARC dinner would know that Malaysia's fiscal position is already the weakest in Asia.

In the World Economic Forum rankings of most competitive countries this year, Malaysia slipped four spots to 25th. This is partly due to a deterioration in the government's budget balance ranking, which fell alarmingly from 96 to 110.

The Swiss bank said that Malaysia is unlikely to achieve its target of a fiscal deficit-to-GDP ratio at under 3% by 2015 without major reforms and such reforms are ‘doubtful' in Malaysia's 2013 budget.

It added that with the fiscal deficit and public debt-to-GDP ratio expected to stay above 5% and 55% respectively, Malaysia has the least fiscal space to pursue additional fiscal policy easing after India, and its structural fiscal problems would become more apparent when the next negative growth shock hits. Change, Mr PM?

One can understand the baseless claim from this man when one considers that, one, he has nothing solid to offer, and, two, he is a habitual liar. If you have brought about positive changes, you would provide a few examples to impress or to remind your audience. Najib has not.

AnSoN: I still remember many years back when some establishment wanted to set up the Merdeka University - they were shot down and not approved.

I do not have much details but I am very sure this was the political decision by the BN and mind you, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang was among those who fought for the university, unfortunately to no avail.

Roy Junior: When we did not have crude oil and palm oil, medical and education were free. But now, we have to pay for everything implemented by the BN government. including the non-refundable deposit for Touch-and-Go cards.

I believe the promises made by Pakatan Rakyat will not bankrupt the government. But the BN cronies will. BN cannot fool us.
Abasir: Najib, I believe you have delivered spin, some superficial tinkering as you played to the gallery and an unpalatable alphabet soup of gobbledygook.

You lead a cabinet of half-past six pygmies whose lack of stature, integrity and basic morality have given the people a sense of hopelessness. Malaysians desperately need a change from all that you represent.

Abasir: Every time I pass by a barricaded neighborhood, I see the change that Najib has brought: fear, a police force that is not trusted, and increased security expenses for the struggling house owner.

Anymore change of that sort (which is what Najib is threatening us with) and we are done for.

Amoker: Change? No lah. Spare change, banyak (a lot). RM10 here, RM500 there...

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