The matrimonial dispute between the Sarawak chief minister's son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib (below) and his former wife Shahnaz Abdul Majid who is seeking RM400 million in mutaah (gift) and division of joint assets, may head for continued trial at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court on Monday.

NONEThis is the result of  no settlement offer from Mahmud's lawyers to resolve the long-standing dispute since the time, Shahnaz, the elder sister of jazz queen Sheila Majid, filed her application last year.

Shahnaz's lawyers said this when contacted by Malaysiakini yesterday.

Lawyer Rafie Mohd Shafie said co-counsel Akbardin Abdul Kader had called up Mahmud's lawyers yesterday on whether any offer was on the table, only to be told that there was none.

"Hence, we will go for continued hearing on Monday afternoon, as there are no imminent signs of a settlement.

"It is good that Malaysiakini had also highlighted the Sarawak chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's assets recently," he said, hinting that this may help Shahnaz in her case.

Malaysiakini had on Wednesday highlighted Abdul Taib's business empire allegedly amounting to US$21 billion (RM64 billion), and in the report, Mahmud, 49, as being worth US$1.5 billion (RM5 billion).

19- year marriage hit rocks
Shahnaz and Mahmud tied the knot on Jan 9, 1992 and have an 18-year-old son.

They were officially divorced in May last year, after Mahmud, who filed a separate application for divorce uttered the talak satu words (declaration of divorce).

NONEShahnaz (left) gave a teary testimony in the mutaah gift following divorce case in March this year, as she explained in detail the strained relationship where, among others, she described him as being abusive, unfaithful, a womaniser, and was not fair in practising polygamy.

She claimed that she was subjected to physical and emotional abuse and that her former husband had failed to return home for quite sometime in 2001.

It was after her testimony that Mahmud had offered to settle the matter with court allowing till March to close the matter but six months later as of yesterday he still has to do so.

Shahnaz had filed her divorce application and the claims on March 9, 2011.

She is seeking RM100 million in mutaah (gift) and another RM300 million in joint matrimonial assets which include luxury cars, local and overseas properties as well as shares in 15 different companies partly owned by Bekir, including Cahya Mata Sarawak and Sarawak Cable Bhd.