Thursday 20 September 2012

Stop dilly-dallying: Let overseas M'sians vote

VOXPOP ‘Even citizens in third world countries residing overseas are allowed to vote. So why is this not possible in Malaysia? What happened to Malaysia Boleh?'

Overseas voters tell EC duo to quit over deceit, inaction

your sayOhakimm: Pressure group MyOverseasVote (MOV) should write officially to the Agong to state its position and demands in light of Election Commission's (EC) inaction on overseas voters.

This is a constitutional right that must not be taken lightly by the EC, Agong, the executive and Parliament. Frankly, it is 55 years overdue.

Anti Umno: BN knows that 99.9 percent of overseas voters are fed up with them. The reason for them to stay overseas is because there are no employment and business opportunities in Malaysia.

I hope all overseas voters can book an economy flight back to Malaysia to vote. You can forget about EC because they are ‘BeEnd' goons.

Faz: Thanks MOV for the details. I'm not surprised that the two top EC administrators are playing 'catch me if you can'.

They are not new to the game but are getting better by the day on the art of manipulation and spins to make sure Umno-BN is voted back into power, regardless of what the general public want.

Nothing is going to move unless Umno-BN is moved out first. So register now in your hometown and do come back to vote to put these hubris to shame. There is no other way to it, to save Malaysia.

Hero325: If these people were to vote by post, most of their votes will not arrive for counting on polling day. If these votes were to be counted overseas, the opposition will cry foul and say it is rigged. All these propaganda are just to undermine the EC and government.

How to cater logistically if overseas Malaysians are to vote? Do these people know that voting centres may only be located at Malaysian embassies or consulates, say in New York and London.

Those Malaysians staying far away from New York and London, are they willing to come all the way, paying for the airfare, to vote in London and New York? Obviously, they won't do it, but these people will do everything just to undermine the government.

NMNT: Hero325, which overseas country did you go to? Who says overseas Malaysia do not want to vote? Otherwise, you would not have witness the many Bersih demonstrations all over the world.

Andrew Yong: If 1,000,000 Malaysians working overseas are considered negligible, why does the EC make special arrangements to allow less than 1,000 Malaysian government servants overseas to vote by post? Is it because they believe that government servants are more likely to support the government?

Setting up postal voting for government servants only is like building a road to a kampung and saying only government servants can use the road.

Ohakimm: The right to vote is a constitutional right. Even citizens in third world countries residing overseas are allowed to vote. So why is this not possible in Malaysia? What happened to Malaysia Boleh?

Concerned Netizen: One out of every five Malaysians with a tertiary education choose to live in an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries or Singapore, while over a 115 countries globally (including Iraq by the way) have overseas voting privileges.

Instead of aiming to build the third tallest building in the world in Kuala Lumpur, shouldn't the country not have a more modest aim of figuring out how to facilitate overseas voting first?

Kgen: The EC chairperson and his deputy are BN stooges who are a disgrace to their office and have no right to run the general election. They should resign immediately instead of making a mockery of the independence of the EC.

Fair&Just: MOV, please put in the effort to vote regardless, and in the event there is change in Putrajaya, the two EC commissioners will be made to answer any misdeeds and all your efforts will worth its while.

DesiKhan: The EC should be, if possible, charged in court for contempt as the recommendations of the parliamentary select committee (PSC) have not been implemented. Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof may not be the right person to head EC since nothing has been done to that effect.

IBelieve: The EC has enough excuses to delay as they do not want Malaysian overseas voters' to exercise postal voting.

Looking at the various announcements and press statements given, the motive is obvious as they know fully well that over 90 percent of overseas voters will not give BN their votes.

Whatever the outcome, many overseas voters will be willing to travel back on their own expenses just to exercise their rights as citizens.

DR JAG#04496187: ‘Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependence on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one's government is not necessarily to secure freedom.' (Friedrich August von Hayek)

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