Sunday 16 September 2012

Sticks and stones won't break our bones

YOURSAY 'It's about time Umno-BN realises that the country does not belong to them. The rakyat will decide who they want to govern the country.'

Stone and nails greet PKR's entourage in Johor

your sayFerdtan: Not only the Umno members, the police who allegedly harassed the family members at the wake for the PKR party headquarters staff member's mother have no respect for the deceased.

How come paying solemn condolences for their member's mother death can even start a fracas? Doesn't Umno respect the sanctity of the occasion when one's loved family member had passed away?

Even in war, sometimes there was a temporary ceasefire to remove the bodies from both sides - that is the ultimate respect for the dead. Is this the way Umno members behave, even to the extend of creating trouble for the deceased family?

In the eyes of all religions, including Islam, this is unforgivable.

ABU Member: Yes, this is not the Malay culture but definitely Umno's culture. Their violence reaction to the PKR entourage further confirms Umno's arrogance and their inability to defend the state against the opposition onslaught in a proper political campaign.

Instead, this incident will boost PKR's image in Johor and lead to the downfall of Umno in its own backyard.

Anonymous_3e86: It's about time Umno-BN realises that the country belongs to the rakyat - it does not belong to Umno-BN. The rakyat will decide who they want to govern the country. The problem is that Umno-BN thinks that the country belongs to them.

In recent years, they have plundered the country's wealth. When their dominance is threatened, they resort to violence to stay in power. They behave just like gangsters.

Moontime: It seems like Umno is filled with hooligans, emotional women who know nothing but shout hysterics at the enemy and immature imbeciles who resort to violence.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution was right - it is not Malay culture and/or Islamic teaching to shout obscenities and harass people, especially when they are grieving over the loss of a loved one.

My message to these Umno goons is simple (since they can't understand complicated concepts): How would you feel if other people treated you like that?

Your actions only serve to taint the image of Muslims and your own race. Violence and vandalism is never a solution to any problem.

An Old Malaysian: All these acts of hooliganism and violence perpetrated by Umno/MCA/MIC/Perkasa goons will not be reported in the Umno-BN controlled media.

The only way for such kind of news to reach the rural Malaysian folks is by word of mouth. Everyone going back home to their kampongs and towns should spread these news to their family members, relatives and friends.

Anonymous #07988903: Violence and intimidation is a sign of weakness, not strength. The display of power cannot instill loyalty and submission, but only resentment and has led to the eventual downfall of many regimes in the world.

DR JAG#04496187: Whatever you do, PKR, don't make a police report. Don't ask the fox in a chicken coop what's on the menu for dinner!

Triple your guards, and quadruple your chances of winning. You are winning battle by battle, and ultimately the war itself.

Hisham turns Aunt Sally at mammoth Johor PKR dinner

Tancc: I was at the dinner and I came from Singapore. I have never attended a PKR ceramah before and I can confirm the comradeship among the multiracial crowd that night. The atmosphere was definitely cordial unlike Umno-BN always spewing hate and racism.

On my way back, the road was jammed at Singapore's side of Immigration. And it was about 1am. The immigration officers were surprised by the heavy traffic returning to Singapore, which is unusual on a Friday night.

There are hundreds of thousands of Malaysia working and living in Singapore. Hopefully Pakatan Rakyat will get them to return to vote come GE13.

Jiminy Qrikert: The dinner raised RM19,000 only? If that sum is correct, then it looks like Johoreans are not supporting Pakatan the way they should besides just being present.

Come on, Johoreans, if there's one thing Pakatan needs badly, it's cold hard cash for their campaign. Umno-BN doesn't need a single sen in cash support from you because they are already fleecing billions from the rakyat across the country through crooked means that they now do not even bother to try to cover up.

Tell the Truth: The Umno hooligans are not only on destruction path, but by throwing nails they are also endangering the lives of other motorists who are using the same road.

What if one of the innocent motorist suffered a puncture and the car crashed as a result. Worse, what if he or she dies in the crash? Will the home minister be held responsible?

Odin: PKR Wanita chief Fuziah Salleh, you are right. In splashing your bus and offices with red paint, Umno Baru is throwing all its 'ong' at your coalition.

Mano: We need BN - they will make an excellent opposition because they know where the loopholes are should any wayward Pakatan leader try to cheat the rakyat.

This is because they have been cheating us for 55 years and as such, they should be experienced enough to keep Pakatan in check.

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