Tuesday 4 September 2012

'Our happiness index will soar when BN loses'

YOURSAY 'It is possible that the reason why Najib keeps postponing the elections is because Rosmah has not reached her personal target of happiness yet.'

PM: We must make people happy, too

AnakBangsaMalaysia: It's interesting how PM Najib Razak and Umno's concept of 'people's happiness' is to keep telling us that we are 'happy' and that we 'should be thankful' (bersyukur) for Umno-BN's 'great contributions' (kenang jasa)... contributions like decades of institutionalised corruption, racism, incompetence, the desecration of the constitution, the seconding of the civil service, emasculation of the judiciary and the breeding of a failed police force that is not only powerless to stop crime, but in many instances is complicit with the criminal underworld.

Yes, Najib, we are happy indeed. We are so happy that we are going to throw you a big sending-off party in GE13.

Q: What is Najib blabbering about? The majority are still poor, while the cost of living is sky rocketing, crime is increasing and the country going to dogs. What happiness is he talking about? Only he and his cronies are earning well and living a royal life... not the people.

Unspin: Najib is talking from experience because he, wife Rosmah Mansor and their children are certainly having an extremely high happiness index after robbing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of his PMship three years ago.

It is possible that the reason why he keeps postponing the elections is because Rosmah has not reached her personal target of happiness yet.

Ericlcc: Of course, with all the new high salaries of civil servants, the majority are happy. But what about the private sector employees, are they happy too?

In fact, the private sector will be most happy if they experience not a high income, but a big reduction in expenses like tolls, electricity charges, telecommunication rates, car prices, cheaper housing, cheaper fuel, cheaper essential household items, better public bus service, etc.

Anything that doesn't burden the ordinary man on the street, that will make many people very, very happy. However, that will make many Umno cronies very unhappy.

Bmjr: I don't know about the happiness index but I am sure the momentum of the gravy train has increased tremendously since Najib became the locomotive driver with Rosmah manning the gates.

Telestai: Najib, are you saying that the ordinary folks should be happy because there is a minuscule increase in per capita GDP and that their lives are free from traffic jams? You must be kidding.

Per capita increase means nothing to most of the rakyat when prices of foodstuffs and daily essentials rise week in week out, and the increase in the crime rate doesn't help at all.

What pains us most is the government is unable to rein in rampant corruption and abuse of power. If you are doing the ‘village talk' in the fashion of former DPM Ghafar Baba, please spare us the agony.

Abasir: Najib said, "Acknowledged the willingness of civil service heads to attend the Merdeka march and celebration."

I wonder what kind of stories Information Minister Rais Yatim has been feeding Najib. The civil servants and employees of GLCs (government-linked companies) and statutory bodies were directed to attend the Merdeka celebrations by circular with incentives like cash, T-shirts and a day-off thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Try organising any Umno event without directives and goodies, and you'll see an empty space.

Onyourtoes: Najib, when you referred to foreign media as "third-party validators", who have praised Malaysia's "real change and progress", you meant those consultants and journalists, that include Israeli sympathisers, that we have paid millions in order to prop up our tattered and corrupted image?

Cloudnine: What really irks us is the PM and his cronies are stealing and plundering the Treasury as if it is their own piggy bank.

Can Najib tell us where is Felda's RM6 billion in cash reserves? Can he explain how his wife Rosmah got the money to allegedly buy a RM24 million diamond ring?

And if you jail former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud tomorrow, we will be twice as happy.

Wira: Najib, am I supposed to be happy paying my taxes when I see you guys at Putrajaya stealing from the rakyat with impunity?

Quigonbond: It's all mere platitudes if you don't treat everyone the same. People will be happy if the rule of law and implementation of policies apply to all, without exceptions.

This includes no open tenders, bumiputera discounts on properties regardless of economic conditions, selective investigation and prosecution, and electoral fraud. It's really a very simple concept, but very difficult because of vested interest after 55 years of incumbency.

VP Biden: Our happy index will increase when you and your band of BN thieves are kicked out of Putrajaya and locked away in Sungai Buloh with the keys thrown away.

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