Solidarity Anak Muda Malaysia has yesterday provided the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) documentary evidence of suspected “payment of kickbacks” involving a federal government department and high-ranking political party leader.

The alleged kickbacks, in the form of 40 percent commission, which was channeled to an obscure company in Klang this year came from a RM500,000 government welfare aid to an NGO.

When met in Penang before the group handed over the information to MACC, SAMM chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin said the evidence included official letters and minutes of meetings, which had transpired in March this year, detailing the parties involved.

NONEBadrul Hisham (left), who is also known as Chegubard, said he had also given the MACC copies of 10 cheques totaling RM200,000 believed to be part of the alleged commission.

He added that the association involved, whose members are former police staff, had been offered the government aid from the Prime Minister's Department.

They were then requested by the top party leader to pay a 40 percent 'commission' to a company registered in Klang, said Badrul Hisham.

"What is strange is that everything is done in writing. Has it become a tradition for government departments to pay out commission to certain parties when giving out aid?" Badrul Hisham asked.

"Can welfare funds from the PM's Department be used to pay commission?" he questioned.

"Is this a trend, that commissions are paid out to certain quarters or middlemen when welfare aid or government funds are given to NGOs?"

The former PKR candidate for Rembau stressed he was not accusing anyone of corruption, but was merely asking the necessary questions as "something seem amiss" in the documents which have fallen into his hands.

The ex-PKR Youth leader and several others spent three hours - from 3.15pm to 6pm - at the MACC office along Northam Road yesterday.

MACC senior superintendent Soock Wei Ei Tem received the report from Badrul Hisham’s team.

Anonymous package

It is learnt that Badrul Hisham had submitted a total of 25 related documents to MACC.

According to Badrul Hisham, he received an anonymous package containing the documents at his house in Nibong Tebal on Sept 12.

The content of the bundle, copies of which are now in MACC's possession, include:

1. A letter dated March 28 from the Finance Ministry informing the NGO, whose members are former police staff, that it would receive a RM500,000 grant.

2. A reply from the said NGO to the Finance Ministry that it has agreed to receive the grant.

3. Minutes of meeting by the NGO which states clearly the name of the top party leader who helped obtain the grant from the government department. The minutes also states that 40 percent of this amount must be given to the private company.

4. Copies of 10 cheques totalling RM200,000, which are allegedly the 'commission' paid to the company.

5. Documents to prove that the government department was aware of the alleged transaction and payment of commission.

"The government department and the well-known politician involved need to explain this transaction - why the suspected commissions are paid and who are behind the company which received the money," said Badrul Hisham.