Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has warned that his administration will exercise their legal rights to intervene in Putrajaya’s attempts to construct the Langat 2 water treatment plant without the state’s approval.

NONEAbdul Khalid (left) said that the state’s agents are allowed to enter the project site and the project must gain approval from the local authorities.

“The state wishes to remind bidders and the federal government that the state government is vested with powers under the federal constitution and the National Land Code.

“The state government will fulfill its responsibilities,” said Abdul Khalid after chairing the state exco meeting today.

He added that the state legal advisor and other lawyers will be issuing a notice soon to describe the state’s powers over the matter. 

“We want to inform the bidders... to understand their responsibility and liabilities when facing the state government,” he said.

The MB said that the state’s legal adviser and an appointed solicitor will discuss the matter and issue a “legal statement”.

He said the statement, expected to be made next week, aims to inform bidders of the state’s responsibilities.

The Bandar Tun Razak MP also reiterated that the state can give its consent if it is “combined” with a restructuring of the water industry.

Asked if the state government will take legal action against the federal government for issuing a tender notice, he said: “It’s down to whether (the project) can be implemented or not. That’s all.”

The federal government has issued a tender notice for the Langat 2 water treatment project despite objections from the state government.

Bidders will have to submit their bids by Nov 20 while tender documents, which cost RM10,000, will be available tomorrow.