Mohd Taufik Omar, a Malay businessman, has admitted providing an executive jet to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim but declined to divulge details of the cost.

NONEBoth The Star and Utusan Malaysia today reported that Taufik, who is the chairperson of Tjets Sdn Bhd, denied owning the jet.

However, he confirmed that his company was managing the jet which Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat leaders had used for two days during their trip to Labuan, Sabah.

“My company only manages the private jet,” the 48-year-old told The Star.

“As it is a private jet, it should remain a private matter”.

Pressed by the English daily to reveal if he was the real owner, Mohd Taufik said: “Am I that rich? I am just trying to cari makan (earn a living)”.

According to the report, Mohd Taufik, who is Malaysia Judo Association president, is also the chairman of LD Sports Sdn Bhd, Kenangan Nilam Sdn Bhd, Asiana Inspirasi Sdn Bhd, KN Capital Sdn Bhd and T Corp Labuan. He is also the director of Health Solutions (SE Asia) Sdn Bhd, CltlTower Sdn Bhd, Aliran Modern Sdn Bhd and Vasseti Bhd.

'No strings attached'

NONEYesterday, Anwar told reporters that his "friend" had allowed him the use of the aircraft due to "logistical issues" involved in travelling to Sabah and Sarawak.

He declined to reveal the “friend's” identity but stressed that the favour has no strings attached.

Anwar said that the matter has been blown-up by the BN-linked media "to scare corporate figures from assisting" Pakatan.

Utusan Malaysia today highlighted the discrepancy between statements given by two PKR vice-presidents, Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah Anwar.

It quoted a blog as reporting that Tian said the jet was rented but Nurul said it was borrowed, in their Twitter accounts.