Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik has issued a RM3,300 invoice to the police for damages to his official car, as the latter had failed to turn up during a protest held by hawkers as DAP was having its Hari Raya open house.
NONEPolice, according to Ng, must pay up within 14 days or face a lack of confidence in the force where the district police chief would be asked to resign.

Ng (right) claimed police had failed to show up despite several calls made by him at about 9.15pm, when the protestors descended on his car as it was leaving the event held in Jalan Pattani on Sept 4.

The Northeast district police station is merely 100 metres away from the event venue, added Ng, who is Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's political secretary.

"When the incident happened, I called the police at 8.30pm and 8.43pm but by 9.15pm, they have yet to arrive," Ng said at a press conference in Penang, yesterday.

"I am disappointed at the police action of not responding immediately although they were a mere 100 meters away," he added.

Police to decide who is liable to pay

On Sept 4, a group claiming to be hawkers turned up at the celebration, lamenting that their applications for licences to trade in the Esplanade - a popular tourist spot - were rejected by the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP).

NONEThat protest, attended by about 20 people, including several familiar faces seen at protests organised by Malay rights group Perkasa, ended up attacking the cars ferrying state government officials as the latter were leaving the premises.
Ng said a report had been lodged by his driver Yusniliron Md Yatim on Sept 5, at the Jalan Pattani police station.

After the press conference, Ng sent the letter and invoice to the Georgetown OCPD's office but the officer was unavailable.

Ng said he would leave it to the police to decide whether the police department or the OCPD is liable for the damages to the state's official car.

OCPD Gan Kon Meng, when met later, declined to comment further on the matter, only saying "yes, anyone can send me anything".

No arrests yet after two weeks 

Ng, however, blamed Gan for not being able to prevent the incident from happening.

NONE"I hope he would not allow his cowardice to tarnish the police reputation, as we know his subordinates cannot act without his said Ng, who is also state DAP Youth chief.

Ng said more than two weeks have passed since the incident and the police is yet to arrest the perpetrators, which is "unacceptable".

He added this is despite the fact that there were Special Branch officers present at the incident, saying "if they are badly trained, they should be sent back to school again", on their failure to recognise the need to act at that time.

"Please do not claim they cannot act because they are not wearing their uniforms.

"During protests organised by Pakatan Rakyat, these officers are known to be involved in arresting people," he added.