Saturday 1 September 2012

PDRM, it's not a crime to disagree with BN

YOURSAY 'National laureate A Samad Said recites a poem on Merdeka eve; that's a crime? I think PDRM has to get their brains checked.'

Police probing Janji Demokrasi organisers

your sayMaplesyrup: The gathering of the large crowd at Dataran Merdeka on Thursday night was orderly and joyous. There were no incidents, and yet our PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) wants to investigate. What a waste of resources.

The PDRM should do good to focus on crime fighting to make Malaysia a safe place for its citizens.

Anonymous #62163581: They want to investigate an old man reading a poem to an audience in yellow T-shirts - all of which came and went peacefully probably because those fellows in blue had been warned not to get trigger-happy with their water cannons. It's a mad waste of time and the rakyat's money.

Thank you, Pak Samad and the Janji Demokrasi organising committee. You have proven that we can assemble peacefully. Do it again and again in our call for free and fair elections.

Call for single-file walkathons around Dataran in yellow from 6pm to 7pm every Saturday. No traffic obstructions, no police permission, everyone just doing their evening exercises in yellow.

S Ravichandran: This is their priority. A respected national laureate recites a poem and the police want to see if a law has been broken.

Their priority is not solving crimes or preventing one, but ensuring a crime has been committed then charge the alleged perpetrator, especially those who don't agree with BN.

Odin: Do excuse me if I sound stupid, KL Criminal Investigation Department chief Ku Chin Wah, for I am not a very bright person, but is it not odd to investigate a body and/or a person to see if either or both have contravened a particular Act?

If you have to investigate to see if either or both have contravened a particular Act, does it not mean that you are not conversant with the Act?

If that is the case - that is to say that you are not conversant with the Act - then does it not mean that you should study the Act closely first instead of investigating any party?

Guardian: The police's time would be better spent fighting crime; why fight the peace-loving rakyat? Is it any surprise why crime figures are going up and democratic rights are going down? That's Malaysia.

Doc: When Information Minister Rais Yatim comes out with an idiotic Merdeka song, that is okay. National poet A Samad Said recites a poem on Merdeka eve; that's a crime? I think PDRM has to get their brains checked.

Akutuan: PDRM, please use my tax money to protect the rakyat. Reading a poem to celebrate Merdeka is not a crime.

Conmen: Why are they wasting time and effort chasing demons of their own imagination? There are already plenty of snatch thefts, burglaries and robberies in town to fill their hands. What misplaced priorities, what misguided policies.

Or are they simply carrying out their standard errands as running dogs to show their Umno masters that they deserve a bone treat at the end of the day?

Lin Wenquan: Umno-BN must be seething with rage at the sight of the sea of yellow in contrast to the 'low turnout' predicted by a nitwit minister. PDRM is now tasked with crucifying the organisers for taking away the thunder from the Umno-BN do.

It would have been unthinkable for them to whack the daylight out of the rakyat on the eve of Merdeka who were peaceful and otherwise law-abiding other than having the gathering labelled 'illegal' for reasons better known to the police.

Pak Samad's poem can't be seditious or provocative as to spark a bloody revolt though it might bestir the fence-sitters to exercise their rights in the coming GE for a clean and fair government.

Should Pak Samad or any of the organisers are persecuted and prosecuted through Umno-BN's whims and fancies, woe betide them and their incarceration will be translated into votes that Umno-BN would desperately need to stay in power.

Malaysiawatch4: Instead of catching criminals, the inspector-general of police (IGP) is using precious resources to go after peaceful protesters.

He should retire and ask Umno to field him as a candidate in Kuala Lumpur at the next election. Only then will he realise what the people think of him.

Ferdtan: Nothing will come out of this. The Merdeka celebration together with the Janji Demokrasi rally have passed, and there are no good reasons for the police to investigate further.

The police, in fear of a reprimand from the BN ministers of not successfully stopping the protesters in Dataran Merdeka, are just putting on the show of bravado to deflect from their failure. Hence the intimidations and soon-to-happen harassments against the organisers.

How long this charade will go on depends on the signal from the BN government.

The leaders of these NGOs have a life of their own - they don't depend on the opposition parties for their success. They have a very important power on their side - people's power.

The police may arrest or charge any leader/leaders among them and you can be sure many more will come out from within their ranks to replace them. There will be many more 'Ambigas' to deal with.

Unspin: After Bersih 3.0, Minister in PM's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz said that salt and water bottles can be used as weapons to topple the government. After Bersih 3.5, it seems that poetry can also be added to the list of deadly weapons.

When is this moronic regime going to accept that the people who participated in the Bersih rallies are ordinary folks like you and me who want to see free and fair elections?

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Pak Samad must be some kind of truly frightening terrorist to warrant all this personalised attention from the police, considering that the police are normally far too busy having coffee and escorting their Umno bosses to even spare time for trivial things like fighting crime.

Perhaps Pak Samad's beard conceals a large amount of salt and mineral water bottles, which in Malaysia are considered as weapons of mass destruction.

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