Pakatan Rakyat's alternative budget seeks to provide an average RM930 jump in household income if fully implemented.

azlanThe coalition said said the feat can be achieved by lowering car prices, abolishing tolled highways, waiving university loans, providing special allowances and lowering transport charges which can help lower prices of food and goods.

This figure was calculated based on the assumption of a "typical" Malaysian household with the following characteristics:

A family of five, sole breadwinner husband working as a teacher owns one car, a house below RM250,000, still servicing university loans, lives in the Klang Valley and returns to Alor Setar four times a year.

The alternative budget also suggests a National Housing Board to undertake massive affordable housing projects.

Goddies galore by cutting

The document suggested that the construction of 100,000 affordable homes priced between RM130,000 and RM300,000 with a seed capital of RM5 billion.

NONE"50,000 of such homes will be built in the inner cities of Klang Valley," it said.

Pakatan is also calling for a 20 percent reduction in excise duties on all cars next year to start phasing out the levy.

The coalition argued that this move along with the rest will help raise disposable income of three out of four families in Malaysia and strengthen domestic demand because RM2 billion forgone in levies will be channelled into the economy.

Also mooted is universal minimum wage of RM1,100 and pushing up welfare payments from RM300 to RM550 a month to root out abject poverty.