Wednesday 12 September 2012

Of Angels and Demons - Selena Tay

It is time for the people of Malaysia to pluck up courage to usher in a new and better era of governance.

The recent inertia on the part of the police in acting against the perpetrators of the ugly scenes against Pakatan Rakyat leaders and those deemed friendly to Pakatan revealed that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s Government Transformation Programme (GTP) is a failure.

If there is to be any transformation, it is the government which has transformed into an ugly, savage beast hellbent on clinging to the last vestiges of power.

Boromir, in the movie “Fellowship Of The Ring” (first part of the Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy) posed this question in the Halls of Khazad-dum, “What new devilry is this?” and we can pose the same question with regard to the Malaysian political scene.

Gandalf’s reply, “It is the Balrog, a demon of the ancient world” also answers our question correctly.

For Barisan Nasional has revealed itself as “the demon of the ancient world” for the diabolical methods it is using to remain in power. All the national institutions which are supposed to remain neutral are now in BN’s octopus-like grasp and these same institutions now subjugate themselves to BN’s command.

The Najib administration is spiralling out of control and is now on the path of no-return. Simply put, it can no more redeem itself or change for the better as it is too far gone.

“Crime rate statistics seem highly illogical as there is occurence of rampant crime, especially snatch theft while the state of the nation’s economic health is anyone’s guess due to the deceptive figures furnished by the powers-that-be.

“These factors point to a crumbling of the existing structures of which the nation is built,” said Dzulkefly Ahmad, the PAS central working committee member and Kuala Selangor MP.

He also mentioned that the whole foundation of government is thus shaken to the very core itself.

A new beginning

PKR MP for Selayang William Leong, meanwhile, is of the view that the current government seems to be on the last legs of its power.

With the existence of Pakatan, Malaysia is at the threshold of hope, at the crossing or at the edge of a cliff. One has to make the change, to make the great leap to the other side.

In the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”, when Batman was in Bane’s underground prison, he had to change his approach before he could successfully make a great leap out of the prison which resembles a deep well.

“Malaysia has to go for better things. We will regress if we keep on doing things the same way but expect different results. We must change our methodology and for this, we need a new government and a new way of doing things that can only come with a new government,” said Dzulkefly.

It is time for the people of Malaysia to pluck up courage to usher in a new and better era of governance. Many countries have bravely executed the change, but Malaysians seem to be holding back, fearing to make the crucial move.

We cannot go on this way any longer. Crime rate is getting worse everyday. Cost of living is increasing. So is household debt. Property prices are soaring making it difficult for people to own a home. All these affect our daily lives.

What about corrupt practices? What about one-sided application of the law and selective prosecution? We can see this injustice but will we be brave enough to vote for change?

We need a new beginning. We need to hear: “Today, for the first time in Malaysian history, we have a new federal government.” Let this news herald the dawn of a new era.

Go for change

We must banish our fears and go for change. It is no more a case of “better the devil you know rather than the angel you don’t”. Now we want to have absolutely nothing to do with the devil!

The standard of leadership presented by BN leaders can be easily surpassed by Pakatan’s men and women, so why can’t we give the opposition bloc a chance to govern?

That said and done, if Pakatan doesn’t win this time, BN will crush the opposition and the fledgling two-party system. There will never be another chance again. If we don’t seize this opportunity now, we will live to regret it. Why stick to mediocrity and broken promises? How long can we be patient?

We must make the change by not being afraid to face the challenges of opening new frontiers. And that was how the West was won, by brave men and women of fortitude who faced hardship and challenges and overcame them.

“Malaysians must wake up from stupor and arise from the general inertia that seemed to have enveloped us as we have become too comfortable with the ancient demon. And this demon is now ranting and raving and digging its heels in, in order to put up a very ferocious struggle to stay alive. We must be demon-slayers!” added Dzulkefly.

We must unseat the demon and sent it out of its bastion of power but it is going to be an uphill struggle as, due to our own complacency, it now controls everything in this nation except the hearts and minds of free men. But let us make this an all-out effort.

Putrajaya is not too far away now, only 100km more.

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