Monday 10 September 2012

Malaysians must choose, now - Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz

Umno has unashamedly used every weapon in its arsenal – race, religion, rulers and riots – to scare the people, writes a former Umno assemblyman.

Malaysians must choose whether to stand on the side of a bully or on the side of the marginalised and those who are being trampled on.

Support the deceiver or the deceived. Support the corrupt and endorse the continued looting and pillaging of this country – all done in the name of Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara – or put an end to this.
The reality and truth is that we can elect a better government.

We only ask the structures of government – the civil service, the judiciary, the law enforcers, other institutions – to stop toadying up to Umno.

We ask the civil servants to be professional and loyal to the “idea” of the government of the day and not the actual government of the day.

Currently, everything is justifiable because the perpetrators are Malays; and forgetting the victims are also Malays.

Do we pardon the government for shortchanging the Felda settlers by giving them a measly 2.5% of the Felda Global Ventures (FGV) shares while the bulk of the shares are hijacked by people who have no connection at all with Felda?

Do we pardon Umno because eventhough it allocates 2.5% to settlers and 3% to Felda employees, all is done in the name of Malays?

Do we ignore the fact that the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) is going to cost close to RM6 billion instead of RM500 million if facilities are built northwards of the current KLIA?

Umno used every weapon

Does all this means that the agama of Umno is endorsing corruption, pillage and looting? And that bangsa permits Umno to do all these transgressions?

Does this agama and bangsa of the Malays excuse the murder of a Mongolian because she is after all just a prostitute?

And finally is all of the above excusable simply because it is done in the name of and on behalf of negara which Umno claims absolute ownership on (hijacking of Merdeka celebrations)?

Umno has unashamedly gone on the rampage and used every weapon in its arsenal – race, religion, rulers and riots.

Are we to keep quiet because all these transgression are done by a government which supposedly fights for Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara?

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