Saturday 29 September 2012

Malaysiakini targeted as desperation mounts

YOURSAY 'The BN government must be desperate enough to unjustly target Malaysiakini again in the run-up to the coming GE.'

Attacks on Malaysiakini, here we go again

your sayLittleGiant: It is courageous and admirable of Malaysiakini chief executive officer Premesh Chandran to have laid bare so much details about Malaysiakini's ownership, how the news portal is managed and why it is under attack by the BN government.

His article clearly shows that when one speaks the truth, there is nothing to hide. Most mainstream newspapers in the country have, over the past several years, 'sold' their dignity to their political masters and have lost their status in the arena of honest and respectable journalism.

These newspapers could boast about how big, attractive and technologically advanced they are, but the real strength of newspapers and the people who manage them is not in the number of copies sold or in its readership strength.

It comes from professional ethics and an indomitable will to speak truth to power and help the nation to thrive. For all those 'voiceless' Malaysians out there, Premesh's article is a reassurance that Malaysiakini will continue to be their 'voice'.

Ferdtan: The BN government must be desperate enough to unjustly target Malaysiakini again in the run-up to the coming general election.

I was impressed when Malaysiakini once said that the purpose of the online media is to give voice to the voiceless - the minority sector of the community who would not be heard nor reported by the mainstream media.

Obviously, it is invariably the dissenting Malaysians and civil societies to the controlling BN government that are rightly featured in this new media.

Whatever accusations the government and the mainstream media may throw at Malaysiakini, we the paying subscribers, have the final say.

And we say it loud and clear - Malaysiakini, you have done a fine job. We must give a special thank you to all the editors and the hard-working journalists, as well as the supporting staff.

We shall always support you as we feel that in our hearts, Malaysiakini is part of us.

Guardian: Thank you, Prem and Malaysiakini for your straightforward and truthful reporting.

I'm a media-addict - I can't leave home in the morning to work without going through the papers first; but now I have given up on Malaysian print media (all government-controlled) and stick to Malaysiakini as my main source of news.

Anonymous_5fb: Every rakyat should donate RM1 to Malaysiakini everyday. I don't mind doing that. Premesh Chandran, editor-in-chief Steven Gan and Malaysiakini team, you are doing a great job.

Pakatan Rakyat, after taking over Putrajaya, should pass a law that forbid political parties or leaders to own newspapers, TV stations, etc.

In fact, if Umno and MCA are sincere, they should dispose their shareholdings of their investments in Utusan, Berita Harian, The Star, Media Prima, etc, instead of accusing Malaysiakini of receiving foreign funds.

Blind Freddo: It's the right, no, the responsibility, of every Malaysian to ‘take down' the government. That is what a democracy is all about, it's about the right of the people to select a government of their choice and then to ensure that their government carries out their wishes.

That's a responsibility that Malaysians have ignored for generations, and they are still ignoring it. Where Malaysiakini funds come from is irrelevant as long as the individual/organisation works within the laws of the country.

Umno has built around itself a wall of protection from which it believes it has the right to do whatever it likes, even if it means destroying the lives of millions of people, keeping them impoverished and ignorant, and destroying the institutions of a free nation.

OCL123: I was not aware that BN is so corrupted until after I reading Malaysiakini. Keep up the good work.

Mirror On The Wall: Why do I and thousands of others turn to Malaysiakini? I get what is being withheld or twisted by the mainstream media.

In this article, Malaysiakini has come clean with the stats, facts and figures. It is obvious that all of their efforts are geared towards promoting a free press. So what's the problem here?

Isana: More and more Malaysians have woken up to the truth and abandoned MSM (mainstream media) because of Malaysiakini.

In fact, when Pakatan takes Putrajaya in this coming GE, I dare say part of the credit should go to Malaysiakini.

Rose 12358: The rakyat know that Malaysiakini is the only independent, honest and truthful press organisation in Malaysia. That is why some leaders, who are afraid of having their wrongdoings exposed, now try to create trouble for Malaysiakini.

Jiminy Qrikert: There is the fundamental difference between those who have the interest of the rakyat at heart, fighting for truth and the future of our country, and those who are bent on tearing the rakyat apart, burying the truth and ravaging the country for their own selfish interests.

When yet again challenged, Malaysiakini's Premesh speaks out and lays bare the truth. No lies. No spins. Just the plain truth.

On the numerous occasions when PM Najib Razak and BN are challenged, it is an automatic reflex that they will lie, cover up, spin layers and layers of deflection, attempt their very darnest to whitewash a lie into 'truth', pass on the blame and as a last desperate but very bold step, totally ignore the accusation altogether almost as if it never happened and proceed to do whatever pleases them.

But Najib forgets, each time someone he targets tells the truth, it magnifies his own failure to come clean on the many occasions when he had the opportunity to do so. And Najib becomes a lesser PM every time.

Hang Tuah PJ: To the Malaysiakini fraternity, you are true Malaysians. You publish the facts fearlessly in favour of a fair and just system for all Malaysians. Keep going, we are with you all the way.

FellowMalaysian: Prem, readers are thankful and appreciative of the effort that you and Steven Gan had toiled in making Malaysiakini into what it is today.

Malaysiakini has served us well and it is no small matter to declare that it is the most successful interactive news portal in the country. It has streamed important news to us which the mainstream newspapers or TV networks will never wish to print or broadcast.

It has also given us a platform where we are able to express our views and opinions without fear or favour. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your fine and gallant effort in building Malaysiakini.

The road ahead is full of potholes and that includes malicious accusations, but with strong resolve, grit and tenacity, Malaysiakini shall overcome them and come out of it ever stronger than before.

Lie2me: They do this to all those who do not submit to their bullying. If indeed there was any truth in the accusations. they should have the balls to make police reports and bring it to court.

The truth is they will lose every time and it'll embarrass them, and the rakyat will further abandon them in droves.

Stories: If it isn't slander against Malaysiakini, it would be DOS (denial of service) attacks. Between the two, I prefer the former since I would still be getting my supply of news.

Ng Jooi Eing: I am a happy subscriber of Malaysiakini for three years, and will be renewing for another three years. Malaysiakini, stay strong to fight tyranny.

Lyn: Thank you Malaysiakini so much for this invaluable service that is rendered to our nation.

Without Malaysiakini, we would have continued to remain clueless to all the excesses of our politicians. You are playing a crucial role in keeping politicians from both divide on their toes. Well done!

Starr: Frankly, Malaysiakini is the 'best thing' that happened to the media industry in Malaysia as AirAsia is to the civil aviation industry.

Like AirAsia bringing competition and air access to millions of travellers through cheap fares, Malaysiakini also brings competition and cheers to millions of readers through balance, unbiased reporting unlike its mainstream counterparts.

Malaysiakini can only augur well for the freedom of speech in Malaysia through its editorial independence.

The mainstream media controlled by Umno and MCA have no right to question Malaysiakini over its shareholding and funding source for they only have to look in their own closets to see the filth of their own.

Abasir: When the history of the people's struggle against third world politics and self-serving individuals masquerading as leaders is written, Malaysiakini will be recognised for the ruthlessly honest catalytic role it has played in this country.

Durio Zibethinus: Indeed, Malaysiakini is Malaysia's unprecedented success story. The world knows this, except Umno.

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