Friday 14 September 2012

Lawyer: Wife of ISA detainee threatened by cops

The wife of an Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee was threatened over a police report alleging that her husband was beaten in the detention camp, a lawyer has claimed.

NONELawyer Farhana Abdul Halim (left) said that several officers from Bukit Aman visited the detainee's wife, an Indonesian, and asked her to withdraw her report over the beating.

They threatened to cancel her visa should Nunurheni Onim persisted with the report, Farhana claimed.

"She was visited by several Bukit Aman police officers who told her that her husband's name was up (listed to be released).

"(The officers said) if she proceeded with the report, this would complicate the process of her husband's release," Farhana said at a press conference yesterday.

According to Farhana, Radzali is one of 30 others still being held at the detention centre despite the recent repeal of the Internal Security Act, which allowed detention without trial.

Chronic kidney stones

The lawyer also lamented that Radzali is now forced to buy his own food from the Kamunting detention camp canteen.

"Her (Nunurheni) husband is suffering from chronic kidney stones. To look after his health, he has to use his own money to buy food at the camp as the doctor has specifically instructed him not to eat oily food (supplied by the camp).

"This should not have happened as the detainee's health is the camp's responsibility," Farhana said.

NONEFarhana, when contacted by Malaysiakini yesterday, said Nunurheni (far left) had lodged the police report on her husband's alleged beating on July 2.

Three days later, she claimed Nunurheni was approached by three police officers at the latter's residence in Johor Bahru.

She added the police introduced themselves as officers from Bukit Aman.

Following the visit, the woman lodged a second report at the Dang Wangi police headquarters on July 7 on the alleged threat by the three officers.

Meanwhile, Nunurheni visa expires this month.

Told to withdraw report

The July 2 report stated that Radzali was beaten while participating in a hunger strike at the camp.

"On July 4, three officers claiming to be from Bukit Aman came to my home in Johor," said Nunurheni in the second police report.

"One of them, who introduced herself as Puan Fazlin, instructed me to withdraw the police report I made on July 2. Puan Fazlin also indirectly threatened me by saying I must cooperate, especially given that my visa would expire on Sept 20."

Nunurheni added that the individual also claimed that the withdrawal of the report could ensure the her safety and that of her husband's.

According to Nunurheni, she was also contacted by a Kamunting detention camp officer regarding her July 2 report.

"I was told (by the officer) that my report was supposedly wrong as it was not made on the day of the incident and not at the (police) station nearest to the camp," she said.

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