Sunday 23 September 2012

'Instead of change, Najib brought us shame'

YOURSAY 'We need leaders who know what it's like to live a hard life and have to scrounge and save to feed their families.'

Najib: I've delivered change, no need for Pakatan

your sayMfM: Change? What change? My savings are dwindling due to the rising cost of living. Salaries are stagnant to keep the cronies rich. Foreigners are everywhere in Malaysia that I don't even feel safe riding the bus anymore.

What would PM Najib Razak know? He's never had to earn a proper living being the son of a former PM. We need change, we need leaders who know what it's like to live a hard life and have to scrounge and save to feed their families.

Kee Thuan Chye: What change have you brought? Please tell us, Najib. You only mentioned the 5.4 percent growth and your so-called transformation programmes.

The growth is something expected of any government - you have no cause to crow about it. And that's not change, by the way. Your transformation programmes - how are the rakyat benefitting from it?

We all still have to suffer the reality of the cost of living going up and up. Your 5.4 percent growth didn't help in that either. Are the ones benefitting mainly your cronies?

What change have you brought to make Malaysia more liberal and progressive? You gave us restrictive laws like the PAA (Peaceful Assembly Act) and the 114A amendment of the Evidence Act. We still have the ISA (Internal Security Act) under a different name.

You say you can bring change on your own. That's a laugh. Without the opposition pressuring you, the change you'd bring is consolidating more power for yourself and BN.

YF: No, you have delivered corruption and shame, and lots of it. For the first time in Malaysian history, the National Day is celebrated indoors with cheap wordart logo, plagarised gospel song and partisan theme. You call that change? The rakyat called that shame.

What more is there to say about the coming Malaysian Spring? You can continue ignoring it to your detriment. From Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud to the Scorpene submarines, Umno is facing its final hours.

Anonymous #03078561: Really Najib, you think we are still fools that you and your party can continue to bully and push to the wall?

We want opposition in Putrajaya, and even though we don't think much of their leader (sama macam awak), we know there is a lot of difference between you and them.

Change is what we want and change is what we will have.

Bumiasli: No one in BN is good in mathematics and we all know that. They only know multiplication of their own bank accounts and subtraction from public funds.

Then they are good in division, which they use to divide the races in Malaysia. And they apply addition by adding more lies in their daily life.

Multi Racial: Najib and his gang still don't get it. Malaysians are mad because of massive corruption in the BN government.

To make matters worse, these errant leaders are rewarded with influential positions which clearly shows BN continues to turn a blind eye to corruption. Almost everything purchased or built by the BN government is not just expensive but massively overprice.

Another point is the racial and religion divide. BN, while preaching racial unity, have been systematically dividing the nation through race and religion, not for the benefit of the country, but for the purpose of consolidating their political power.

BN have been given to many chances in the last 50 over years. It is time to try out Pakatan Rakyat. What they did in Penang and Selangor tell us they could be much better. Therefore Malaysians from all walks of life should give Pakatan a chance to govern this nation in the coming general election.

The only thing we want is for Pakatan, especially PAS, to get rid is their primitive and extremist view of religion. We trust there are many good and moderate leaders in PAS who are honest and dedicated.

Together with those leaders from DAP and PKR, I believe Pakatan could take Malaysia to new heights, and hopefully corruption and racism will be wiped out completely.

1Mockery: "If you add up their promises to abolish PTPTN, to provide free education, to abolish toll and raise household income to RM4,000, to lower vehicle prices and petrol prices and to increase royalty for Sabah and Sarawak by 20 percent, just look at the facts," said Najib.

But if you can cut down the leakages committed by you, Najib, your wife and your gang of robbers, it will take care a lot of those financial shortfalls. Stop pilfering the country. The money is not yours, it belongs to the rakyat.

Absalom: I don't think Najib got it. Changes people are looking for are like changes in the way things are done to:

1) enable free and fair election, 2) have transparency, accountability and prudence in government spending (i.e stop wasting money and leaving the country in debt), 3) eradicate corruption, 4) bring the big-time corrupt culprits to book, 5) reverse the trend of pitting the races against one another and improve race relations, 6) 'educate' government institutions like PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), judiciary, MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision), EC (Election Commission), among others, on their purpose of existence, i.e. to work for the people and country instead of the political masters, 7) affirmative action by class instead of race, etc.

A lot of these changes will be detrimental to the health of the current ruling class and their main personalities so don't count on them happening. So the moral of the story is we need to make the main change (at GE) before any material change for the better can take place.

Ben-ghazi: Since you are damn good at bringing change, how about reducing the budget deficit to something more reasonable?

Please stopping dishing out money/cash to voters without caring about the burgeoning deficit. Or is a way to punish the next government by making them pay for your debts.

Najib, you are out after GE13, even if BN wins. Muhyiddin is waiting in the wings to replace you if you cannot do better than Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) in 2008.

Bluemountains: Change is when the police can bring the culprits involved in the Scorpene submarines' commission and the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu to book. When will that change come?

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