Sunday 9 September 2012

Guan Eng: First Lynas, next comes nuclear plants

The granting of the temporary operating licence (TOL) for Lynas' rare-earth plant in Gebeng showed the government’s disregard for public health, and sets a precedent for more hazardous projects to come, said DAP.

NONE"That the BN government has no hesitation to issue the TOL to Lynas even before the general elections shows its commitment towards Lynas and profits over the people’s health.

"Clearly should BN win (the next GE), Lynas would operate fully without any restrictions followed by the building of two nuclear reactors in BN-controlled states," said DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in a statement today.

He was referring to the government's plans to construct two nuclear power plants despite heavy public outcry.

penang himpunan hijau 2 260212 03Lim who is also Penang chief minister had pledged that the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government would not approve any land for such projects.

He added that the government's decision, despte mass resistance from the public, vindicated DAP’s move to boycott the parliamentary select committee (PSC) on the Lynas Advanced Material Plant.

"(The PSC) would merely whitewash and reinforce the claim by the BN government that a TOL should be issued as all safety concerns and standards have been satisfied," he said.

Lim said that the only avenue left for the people to close down the Lynas plant is to change the federal government.


  1. Lynas is a basically a mining operation (rare earth is a metal like tin or copper or iron and all mining activities has same radioactive waste). It has nothing to do with power generation or nuclear reactor. To link Lynas with radiation logo and nuclear reactor is a deliberate attempt to mislead people using FUD. As Christian, you should first gain a basic understanding of radiation before touching on matter related to radiation (which this post is doing) and should not be part of FUD. You will be answerable to God for your action. Google can be your teacher.

  2. In terms of radiation, nuclear reactor and Lynas are like Chalk and Cheese. Nuclear reactor's radiation is billion times more radioactive than Lynas. So what has Lynas got to do with nuclear reactor? This is a deliberate attempt to mislead the Raykat into thinking Lynas is a nuclear reactor. As a Christian, you should not be associate with any attempt to mislead the Raykat and distort the truth. Shame on you as Christian and give Christian a bad reputation. Please delete off the word "Christian" in your blog.