Friday 7 September 2012

Gov't to table hudud Bill in next Parliament session?

PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar claims that the government will be tabling a Bill to do with “the implementation of hudud” in the next Parliamentary session.

“My friends in the Attorney-General’s Chambers informed me. We will wait and see their version of hudud,” he told reporters today.

However, de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz denies the claim.

“No,” he said in a text message to Malaysiakini, when asked to confirm.

Speaking at a press conference at the PAS headquarter today, Mahfuz claimed the Bill will be tabled following “approval from the Umno supreme council and cabinet”.

He, however, could not give further details of the Bill other that it is “to do with the implementation of hudud”.

Mahfuz also reiterated that in PAS’ view, hudud will only apply to Muslims, and this was the context in which it was proposed in Kelantan.

“(The implementation of hudud) will be through the democratic process and will be based on consultation,” he said.

‘No Kedah deputy MB proposal’

Meanwhile, on a separate matter, Mahfuz said that the PAS steering committee to oversee the running of the Kedah government has not mooted the appointment of a deputy menteri besar in the state.

“There is no proposal thus far,” he said of the steering team set up by the PAS central working committee last March following a crisis in the northern state.

Kedah Gerakan has proposed the appointment of a deputy menteri besar to allow MB Azizan Abdul Razak time to rest.

The 72-year-old MB was hospitalised again last month due to fatigue, but Mahfuz brushed this aside, saying that health problems can happen to anyone.

“I can also say I’m concerned that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak can be stricken ill at any time. Only Penang and Kelantan have the deputy chief minister and deputy MB post,” he said.

On another matter, Mahfuz said that Najib would do best in not calling for snap polls and allowing Parliament to be dissolved automatically at its full term in April.

He said that calling it in October and November will clash with the haj season, while the end of November and December will see national examinations like the SPM and the STPM.

“This involves 40,000 students and 10,000 teachers,” he said, adding that January and February polls will inconvenience the Chinese as Chinese New Year is in February.

However, he said, if claims that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is out to oust Najib are true, then the latter has “no choice” but to call for polls sooner rather than later.

“In that way, if BN loses, they both lose, instead of Najib bearing the brunt alone,” he posited. 

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