Monday 24 September 2012

Dry taps advert? More like 'Wag the Dog'

The secret filming of an advertisement to portray a water crisis in Selangor is akin to the movie ‘Wag the Dog’, said state exco member Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

NONE“I think this is the desperate move of a bunch of guys who have lost everything and have no idea what to do,” he said when contacted today.

“They are now gone to the extent of making films that of things that are not happening, like the film ‘Wag the Dog’.”

He was referring to the 1997 film which depicts a top spin doctor's efforts in creating a fictional war with Albania in order to distract the public from a sex scandal involving a US president who is seeking re-election.

NONEThe advertisement to depict dry taps in Selangor is less grandiose and involved about 200 extras lining up with pails at an apartment block in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

Shooting began at about 7am today but the film crew chased away Malaysiakini staff from the site.

When approached, several residents confirmed that they have no problem with water supply.

Winning Selangor 'at all costs'

Xavier, who heads the health, plantation workers, poverty and caring government committee, said he feels “appalled and sad” by the attempts to make such an advertisement.

He suspects the BN is behind this, as its leader Najib Abdul Razak had once proclaimed that Selangor must be wrested back from Pakatan Rakyat “at all costs”.

“Whoever is doing this is most likely doing this for BN or pro-BN NGOs. I think it is very unbecoming of Najib's men to act in this way. Maybe this is his tactic when Najib said 'at all costs',” he added.

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