Thursday 20 September 2012

'Doctored' photo: Welcome to Malaysia's own Avatar

YOURSAY 'What these sycophantic media failed to realise is that the age of duping the rakyat with cheap acts like doctoring photos is now over.'

Netizens claim Najib's Pekan crowd pic doctored

Ferdtan: They got away in the last incident involving a Bernama photograph of PM Najib Razak's Hari Raya open house as it was difficult to prove.

This time the alleged doctored photograph published by New Straits Times which had exact duplicates of the crowd in the background, is a clear-cut case of cheating.

There is no escaping the fact and no excuses can be given, other than to make the photographer take the blame.

Headhunter: Surely, this is one of the most embarrassing photograph of Najib ever published. And one would have thought that Bernama would be quite an expert in doctoring photos by now.

See what happen when you tell lies and try to fool others? You only ended up making a damn fool and a laughing stock of yourselves. New Straits Times should make a public apology to Najib and also to its readers.

Calvert Yap: I can understand if they cannot govern a country properly as we can see, but my God, they can't even properly edit a photo? They never put the right man to do the job and now, this is what they got. What a shame.

Also, Najib, is there a need to lie about how many people gather to greet you? Are you that desperate, Mr PM? Or perhaps his deputy and his cousin are sabotaging him?

TimsTime: Remember the statement by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the making of Avatar?

Well, it is happening in Malaysia, right before our eyes, done by what was though to be a credible news provider - Bernama.

A4Msia: It really amazes me that the BN government has not a single iota of shame even after they were caught red-handedly trying to gain mileage in the ICJ (International Court of Justice) hearing in 2008 using a doctored image of Pedra Branca.

They are still resorting to such stupid stunts in 2012. Or could it be an act of sabotage, as some readers have mentioned?

Keturunan Malaysia: After the continuous bombardment of our ears and corrupting our minds for decades with loads of half-truths and complete lies, they are resorting to the last resort - that is, loading our eyes with make-believes hoping to be able to convince us.

Why? They have reach a point where it is next to impossible to convince us with their next to zero credibility.

Joker: We have phantom voters, Twitter bots and now image doubles. How insecure must the BN government be to resort to such lows.

How bankrupt of ideas (and funds) they must be to rely on such crude (and crass) forms of ‘syiok sendiri' methods.

Clever Voter: There seem no end to number of fakes from pictures, to tweets even statistics - no wonder we live in a fake world where the so-called leaders want the citizens to be gullible, and docile.

Get real, Malaysians have the intelligence to tell what's right or wrong, and to differentiate between truth and lies. As they said, desperate people will do almost anything. Again, the citizens are not to be fooled.

Moontime: Bernama's earlier denial on the issue of doctored photograph is laughable. I wonder what exactly they are trying to prove.

Showing massive support for the premier when there isn't any is a pathetic attempt to deny the inevitable.

What these sycophantic media failed to realise is that the age of duping the rakyat with cheap acts like doctoring photos is now over. Just stop deceiving us and report the truth for once.

Sanglau: Doctored or otherwise... Najib is still very popular.

KitaAkanSiasat: When I was young, I've never thought that the Malaysia I was once so proud of has leaders like this in our midst.

Stanley O: The winner gets to write history. They can do whatever they want as long as they are in power.

The only way to oppose such a disgraceful BN government is to vote them out, but we need overwhelming numbers to do that.

Even if they are voted out, we need brave rakyat to stand firm on the transition of power, regardless whether it's peaceful or violent.

Abasir: Mahathir said that meritocracy is bad, and that it is racist. So what we are witnessing today is the reign of the patently incompetent. They thrive and flourish wherever there is the odor of Umno.
The inability to doctor a photograph despite the availability of fool-proof tools is a testament to the sorry state of the government-run propaganda machine.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: We really must thank Umno-BN and their lackeys for their immense generosity in providing us with an inexhaustible supply of comedy material at their own expense.

Wpa: This is not a doctored photo. Those are phantoms voters.

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