Wednesday 19 September 2012

Another 'guideline' draws flak, sexism charge

Another controversial guideline has riled the cyberspace - this one was posted by the Information Department and it is on “ways to be a good female boss”.

NONEThis document first appeared on Health Ministry’s online video platform MedikTV’s Facebook page in March and again on Sept 12. It was reproduced on the Information Department’s Facebook page today.

The guideline is accompanied by a caption which claimed that employees at times suffer from "rigid" problems when working under for a female employer.

“Women are talkative by nature and like to nag. This attitude is very dangerous if it is brought into the organisation. Talkative and nagging attitude causes subordinates to feel pressured, bored and disgusted.

“Not all female bosses are like this. But because of a drop of blue dye, a whole pot of milk can be contaminated. To be a good woman boss, these are a few tips that can help you!” read the caption.

The eight tips are as follows:
  • 'Relax' and stay calm in all situations, whether normal or tense.
  • Hold frequent discussions with subordinates, especially male employees.
  • Do not show ego and power in front of subordinates, especially while giving instructions.
  • Do not be too stern and fierce.
  • Good in getting support from your subordinates.
  • Create a calm and cheerful situation while giving instructions to subordinates.
  • Give power to subordinates in performing their duties.
  • Do not over-control subordinates to the point of irritating them.
At the time of writing, the posting on the Information Department’s website has been “shared” 114 times and drew 24 comments, most of them claiming that the guidelines were discriminatory.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin also weighed in on the subject on Twitter, urging the Information Department to remove the posting.

“Sexist and unfair, aimed only at women,” he wrote.
This controversial document comes hot the heels of another controversy surrounding a manual for teachers to spot early signs of homosexuality.

The manual was condemned for encouraging discrimination and was reported by several international news organisations.

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