Saturday 8 September 2012

Ambiga: Politics ‘No’, EC chief ‘perhaps’ - RK Anand

The Bersih co-chairperson rules out the possibility of contesting in the next general election but quips that she may consider heading the EC if offered the post.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians appear to be split on whether Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga should contest in the next general election.

And the former Bar Council president admitted that she had been receiving numerous calls urging her to stand as an independent candidate.

But the mother of two stressed that politics was not her cup of tea and that she could never see herself as a politician.

“I will not contest. That is my final decision. I am not interested in politics,” she told FMT, ruling out any room for reconsideration in the future.

Ambiga was responding to the recent call from the Malaysian Indian Business Association (Miba) and the coalition of NGOs, WargaAman, for her to contest in the election.

The two groups argued that Ambiga and other prominent civil society personalities could raise the standard of Parliament if elected to the August House.

EC chief perhaps

However, the Bersih leader felt that her role was to throw punches from outside the political ring.

“I am better at snapping at the heels of politicians,” she stressed, adding that Bersih would continue to remain non-partisan.

“Perhaps I am naive and I prefer to be that way. In politics, you have to say things you don’t mean and that is not in my system. You have to change yourself, and I will find that difficult,” she added.

Ambiga also dismissed the suggestion that she be appointed as the attorney-general should Pakatan Rakyat form the next federal government.

“I am not interested in the AG post either,” she said.

However, Ambiga quipped that she would consider the position of Election Commission chairman if offered.
“And I will do it free of charge in order to implement electoral reforms,” she added.

She said whichever political bloc that formed the next federal government should clean up the electoral process and call for the 14th general election within two or three years.

Ambiga, who plans to quit Bersih after the next general election, explained that it would not mean throwing in the towel.

“I will still be involved and will continue to play a role [for the betterment of society], if the people still want to hear what I have to say,” she added.

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