Monday 24 September 2012

After 55 years, BN still wants more time

YOURSAY 'Another term, Najib? Well, Malaysians have already given BN 12 terms to do what needs to be done.'

Najib: Give us another term, we can do more

your sayStarr: PM Najib Razak, a 55-year reign is enough for one to perform. If Umno-BN can't achieve what it set out to do in 55 years, what makes them think that they can achieve it if given another term?

Asking for another term is not only a sign of desperation but also an admission of failure to perform. If Umno-BN has indeed performed well, Najib wouldn't have to ask for another term - the rakyat would gladly give him another term without having to ask.

Quite frankly, we have lost a generation in terms of opportunity lost since Merdeka because of Umno-BN government's policies and we wouldn't want the next generation to suffer the same fate.

Only idiots would repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Not Convinced: As the saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. And I do hope that Malaysians are not insane.

Quigonbond: Please read the sub-text of what Najib is saying: Give us another term so that we may systemically entrench ourselves in power in perpetuity and leech Malaysians of their hard-earned money to enrich our families and children for many generations to come.

LittleGiant: Why one more term? With an absolute disregard to transparency and accountability and conscience-lacking government agencies (PDRM, MACC, AG's office, etc) happily dancing to the tune of BN politicians, another half-term should be enough for Umno and BN to wipe off whatever remaining bits and pieces of wealth in the country.

BN can then 'retire blissfully' and leave the country to a legacy of destroyed economy and shattered dreams of Malaysians. And of course, Umno and its buddy, Perkasa, would keep spinning fanciful stories to put all the blame on opposition politicians.

And what is so revolutionary about these '1Malaysia' shops? Many third world countries have cooperative schemes, skills development and entrepreneurship programmes which are far more revolutionary and are internationally acclaimed than these '1Malaysia' programmes.

Llfly: "We are the only country in the world that provide such great services for the rakyat's comfort, I have never seen such services elsewhere, this is revolutionary," Najib declared.

I think he should get out more, without his big posse of advisors and minders - really look what is being done in other places, and really look what people here need. Then he might see it is not exactly revolutionary.

Slumdog: Najib, you talk a lot of rot. Your brand of Umno politics has already been in government for 55 corruption-filled years. Now you have the gall to ask for another five years because you have much more to do.

Unspin: Najib should ask his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, and the hardliners in Umno whether they are willing to give him another term. If the answer is affirmative, then he is qualified to talk to us. Otherwise, diam lah (shut up).

Anonymous #58437020: Dear PM, before the end of your term, please do this:

1. Get Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud and his family to hand over the RM45 billion assets, and retire him and his greedy family.

2. Sort out NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), and stop allocating funds to all the cronies. Put your own greedy ministers behind bars.

3. Hire smart people, and respect the electorate.

4. Deal with the issue of foreign illegal workers, maids, Nigerians scammers, drug trafficking, car jacking, all the major crime and social issues. No more licences be given to those civil servants, especially those ex-Labour officers who are fleecing us of money through monopoly of licences and also charging the rakyat high fees for maids, workers, etc.

5. Stem corruption and nepotism across the country.

6. Improve the education system. Don't make us stupid because you think by making us stupid we cannot question the system.

7. Hire other races for the civil service.

8. Remove NEP (New Economic Policy).

Anonymous_40a7: Another term, Najib? Well, Malaysians have given BN 12 terms to do what needs to be done. And yet, we are not heading towards a developed nation, but more of a failed one.

Corruption is rampant everywhere, the economy is on the brink of no return, and we have guys like Perkasa shattering the very image your 1Malaysia is trying to achieve.

Sorry, but enough is enough. One more term for BN is like opening the doors for thieves to take whatever is left in your house. I am afraid that if we do not change now, the damage will be permanent.

Moontime: For the past 55 years we have given you the chance to develop this nation. Unfortunately, the results are not up to expectations.

Financial and sex scandals, massive outflow of capital, massive influx of foreigners bringing more harm than good to the country... the list can go on and on.

No, sir. The time has come for a complete and utter change. A new party and leader shall lead this country. You have sung the same song of development year in year out and frankly, we are absolutely fed up with it.

Focusing solely on material development has been the mantra of BN for the past five decades with disastrous results. We need inspiring leaders who are self-motivated and has the ability to inspire us to greater heights. Sadly, Najib, you are not the one.

Anonymous #98268170: Fifty-five years is retirement age. Spend time with your family. Let the people try and judge if the new government is any good for them for one or two terms.

Jiminy Qrikert: Najib is either delusional or he is a complete imbecile. On the one hand, he asks the rakyat to give BN another term and that BN can do more. Then, almost immediately, on the other hand, he asks the rakyat to ignore the billions in wealth that Taib amassed on the salary of a mere chief minister.

So, in effect this PM is asking the rakyat to close both eyes to blatant corruption and daylight robbery, and at the same time return BN in GE13 to again govern the country so that Najib and his cronies can continue to empty the country's coffers and fill their own pockets with billions of the rakyat's money.

Anonymous #41809171: Dear editor, I think the headline for this article is incomplete. It should read ‘Najib: Give us another term, we can do more harm'.

Mubarak: Sorry Najib, game over for BN.

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