Thursday 2 August 2012

When cops and press collude against sex workers

YOURSAY 'At Bersih 3.0, they beat up photographers and confiscate their cameras, but in this instance they were unable to act...'

Photographers have a ball at anti-vice raid

your sayEriclcc: Is this how the police want to get into the good books of journalists and the press by giving these journalists some ‘fun time'?

The sex workers are also human beings and they should have been treated decently even though they have chosen to be in the wrong profession.

Years from now when Malaysia becomes a failed state under BN, when our women have to travel abroad to make a living (decent or not), the clock will come full circle and Malaysian women will be on the receiving end.

When that happens, I hope it's not one of those journalist's daughter who will be photographed naked.

Anonymous #62163581: Why did the police allow/want press photographers there? Why didn't they stop the photographers from taking advantage of the situation?

At Bersih 3.0, they beat up photographers and confiscate their cameras, but in this instance they were unable to act against the insulting misbehaviour of the press even after giving due warning before the raid.

Shame on the raiding police officers and the press 'men' both. You shame your mothers and sisters and wives when you bully sex workers with your cameras like that.

Lim Chong Leong: What wanton disregard to common decency. Journalists and police alike have no shame in behaving like animals.

Top editors are stealing articles, we cannot expect more noble behaviour from their journalists on the ground. Likewise, the police force is rotten from the head down.

Fair&Just: The perpetrators of such beastly acts of hounding after nude defenceless women, photographing and preventing them from addressing their modesty, so overcome by their primordial lust that they have forgotten their manners and succumbed to base primitive visual perversion of drooling and ogling at the defenceless victims, must be charged for outraging the modesty of the sex workers.

The police is deemed to be the conspiring party as they freely allowed such criminal actions by the media hordes.

Anon8240: Low class, pariah news people. What can you expect in terms of quality of journalism from such people?

I also do not know why the cops are so concerned over soft targets like China dolls rather than go after hardcore criminals who rob, rape and plunder.

Black Mamba: These perverted media personnel should be sent to Golok or Dangnok for training before taking on such assignment in Malaysia.

Is there too much of sexual prohibition in this country that they go ga ga and goo goo over a nude body? This can only occur when there are too much self-imposed restrictions over the interpretation of what is morally right or morally wrong.

Anonymous_5fb: Come to think of this, those journalists and police that did such uncalled things to the sex workers are no better than animals.

They totally disregarded that the women concerned are unfortunate fellow human beings who have dignity of their own. They may be involved in this trade not out of their choice, and were forced to do so due to circumstances not according to their wishes.

Even if they are sex workers out of their own choice, compassion is much needed to bring them back to the decent path, and not by abusing their dignity. So don't think so highly of yourselves, journalists and police personnel alike.

CYP: I think the local police force learned this "bring media along on vice raid" from the police in China. It is a common practice over there. Nonetheless, this practice in China has recently drawn a lot of criticisms.

The Malaysian police should also learn how to protect the rights of the sex workers, rather than letting them exposed to some unethical photographers.

First and foremost, the photos, especially the explicit photos, should be allowed to be taken out. The police must ensure this policy is followed.

Abasir: Question: What is worse than whores? Answer: Media whores.

It would be great to see revealing pictures of the ‘media whores' clicking away while salivating. If someone has pictures of their faces, they should be put online.

Anonymous #41809171: Malaysiakini ran another story today about a Star photographer who was harassed by the police and forced to delete images of police brutality during Bersih 3.0. We also know there were others who were beaten up that day.

And yet the press photographers present at this anti-vice raid thought it was all right to brutalise and harass the sex workers? And why did the police not stop them?

At the risk of being accused of being anti-men, I think the whole lot of them found solidarity in oppressing the sex workers because they were women, defenseless, and by virtue of their profession and status, considered free game for all.

It makes me want to puke.

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