Monday 20 August 2012

Whatever the alternative, BN has to go

VOXPOP 'One doesn't need to be wholly sold on Pakatan to realise that 55 years have proven there cannot be a future under BN.'

The partisan nature of BN-Pakatan conflict

vox populi small thumbnail1Mockery: S Thayaparan writes, "There are many who would blame Umno for this, and rightly a large portion of the blame should go to them, but this piece really isn't about Umno or BN."

Then Thayaparan, it's about whom? Who runs this country? Pakatan Rakyat? Certainly not. It's BN, with Umno as the main pillar of this sick government.

Care to look at the main player of Umno, the top three leaders? Who among these leaders are clean or untainted with corruption and scandals? None. And we are going to entrust the country to them?

It's not about hate, my friend. It's about which party can offer better leadership. BN is a known and confirmed devil. Pakatan is not known as a devil yet. Why risk giving the country to a confirmed devil?

Tekee: Thayaparan, one doesn't need to be wholly sold on Pakatan to realise that 55 years have proven there cannot be a future under BN. This is the inescapable fact. The diaper that is BN needs to be urgently changed.

Rakyat 1st: Thayaparan, in this world there is no absolute right and no wrong. Buddha has said this in his Kalamah Sutra and various other sutras. What is right depends on where you stand and what's your agenda. Similarly for what's wrong.

However, after 55 years in power and showing less achievements than our Asian brothers - more importantly, the neighbour which shares our history and beginnings being ruled by same colonial master - we need to give a chance to others to rule and show their mettle.

Yahoo: Between the devil (I know) and the deep blue sea, I would rather explore the uncharted waters. Fifty-five years of BN rule has generated a vicious stalemate.

Kgen: What are you trying to say, Thayaparan? Are you saying that Pakatan is no better than BN? At least Pakatan gives me hope, while BN is a never-ending cesspool of corruption, racism and high-car prices.

Anonymous #62163581: Why do we, the wired and perhaps better educated, need to depend on online journalism for our daily news feed? Do you see alternative sources in the news media?

A lot of it is muck; and if you are educated, you read between the lines and make your own conclusions. Yes, Pakatan isn't all we could wish for, but change is needed along with the shit it may also bring.
We'll give them a chance to prove themselves and if they fail we'll vote them out. Democracy itself, no?

Anonymous #83508466: It's not who votes that counts, rather who counts the votes, remember this!

MCA flays S'gor Pakatan for 'Janji tidak ditepati'

Artchan: What brainless MCA leaders - this is your party convention, at least please show us your plans, not just shooting from the hip. If you use the convention to only discuss Pakatan problems, then you have a big problem.

We want to know what you will do with Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen, what MCA intends to do about Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali. Tell us how you intend to stand up to Umno and gain some respect from the Chinese community. Pakatan is the least of your problems.

2ctsworth: MCA, your strategy already indicates you have nothing to boast about. All day and all night, you pick on the opposition's faults, many of which were birthed by Umno-BN in the first place. Pakatan is cleaning up the mess left by a corrupt and selfish government.

Anonymous #76965586: The longer BN rules the country, the bigger the mess that will be left behind for the next government to settle.

Therefore, a far longer time and greater effort is needed to clear this mess. Why does BN not feel ashamed when Pakatan blames them for the mess they produced?

Anonymous #43051382: MCA blames Pakatan's refusal of the Langat 2 treatment plant for the supposed water crisis. The Langat 2 project will take another two years to be operational. In the meantime, what are the people of Selangor to do - wait for the Langat 2 plant? How dumb is that?

Ask water concessionaire Syabas to plug all the NRW (non-revenue water) - that is water that goes to waste and makes up about 30 percent of water distributed all over Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. By making use of the 30 percent of wasted water, there would be no water crisis at all.

So who is to blame? Surely Syabas CEO Rozali Ismail, who earns RM5.1 million per annum from Syabas. In fact, this CEO should be sacked. And what is worse, the idiotic MCA leaders support Syabas for its negligence in duty.

Thiswayoutplease: MCA, please don't tell us why Pakatan has failed to provide low-cost housing, but tell us why Malaysians cannot afford better quality houses and why the non-bumiputera have to subsidise 5 to 10 percent discounts for bumiputera?

Don't tell us how successful TAR (Tunku Abdul Rahman) College is but why the Chinese are avoiding national schools. Don't tell us about Talam, tell us about the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ).

Onyourtoes: Selangor MCA chief Donald Lim, we the people actually don't mind paying more quit rent and assessment if we know the money will be put to good use. After all, these are not really a big burden to most of us.

What ails this country are federal taxes, monopolies, wastages, corruption, distortion, and moronic ‘piratisation' that escalate the cost of living and making the life of ordinary folks miserable. Of course, all the cronies and corrupt politicians will be enjoying life as a result.

Tell me MCA, what exactly are you guys fighting for - king, country and the welfare of the rakyat? Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in Pakatan's eye and pay no attention to the plank in MCA's and Umno's eye.

I am tired of hearing from hypocrites.

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