Wednesday 1 August 2012

We are the masters ― Kamal Amzan

AUG 1 ― Janji ditepati. Only politicians can turn something innocuous into something wrong. How else do you explain this phrase becoming so unpopular?

An act of desperation, perhaps?

First and foremost, you don’t have to call it a promise. You are worth your word, and rescind it at your own risk. You were elected as a servant to the rakyat, and as our servants, we expect you to do as you are told.

Just so that we are clear, we are after all your masters not the other way round. Period.

And secondly, as your masters, we reserve the right to like or dislike you, whether or not you discharge your duties well. There is no need for us to repay you for your services.

If you find these terms unacceptable, then please just leave. The rakyat is not obliged to return the “kindness” you have shown them.

Thirdly, to claim your service as an act of kindness is just plain silly. But to use it as a theme when celebrating the birth of our nation? Isn’t that a foolish move?

If we, the common rakyat, can see through the intended/unintended political message when you can’t, you are indeed living on borrowed time.

Trust me, ignorance in this case will be anything but bliss.

Fourthly, assuming that this was a political campaign in play, what kind of voters are you planning to attract? Which group of people do you think will find the “logo” attractive, and which do you think will find it repulsive? The smart, not so smart or the mentally challenged?

This is our celebration so why can’t you take our views into account?

We are not short on talent to produce better songs and logos.

Please treat us as thinking citizens, and not some cow you can milk or you will find that we can be a very, very unforgiving masters.

Oh, yes, don’t forget, we are your masters.

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