Wednesday 1 August 2012

'Wanted man' Waythamoorthy returns

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) P Waythamoorthy has returned to Malaysia, allaying his supporters fears that he may be arrested at the by the Johor immigration department.

There was a moment of suspense for about 20 supporters when the immigration personnel took away his passport briefly at about noon.

“They (the immigration) said I was on the wanted list of the police,” said Waythamoorthy during a brief telephone conversation withMalaysiakini

Waythamoorthy was also invited to discussions with immigration officials in an office but he refused. 

After some brief discussion with immigration front desk personnel, the passport was returned to him and he was allowed free passage. 

Several supporters who were travelling with Waythamoorthy from Singapore went through the same ordeal.

“We are happy and bit shocked. We thought he would be arrested,” said Hindraf national coordinator W Sambulingam when contacted. 

Waythamoorthy and his entourage were greeted by a convoy of six cars. They were then taken to a temple in Johor Bahru for a meeting. He will be addressing supporters there at 5pm. 

He is expected to return to his home in Seremban tonight. 
Waythamoorthy left the country soon after the Hindraf rally on November 2007 to take the movement’s campaign global. His passport was revoked on April 2008.

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