Penang DAP has lodged a police report against Utusan Malaysia over a front-page article claiming that it was a sin for Muslims to support the DAP.

NONEDAP's secreatry general Lim Guan Eng's political secretary Zairil Khir Johari said despite being found guilty twice by the courts for its slanderous reports against his boss, the Malay newspaper has yet to learn its lesson.

Zairl said the report clearly has political motives published on purpose to slander the DAP by implying that the party was "illegal, against the Constitution and its members non-believers who are hostile to Islam".

On the contrary, he added, that the party was legal in the eyes of law, and its principles based on justice, fairness, truth, equality and democracy.

"In its 46 years of existence, DAP had never been deregistered or banned; it has always worked within the Malaysia's parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch," he said.

The police report was based on the sensational headline "Haram sokong DAP" on the front page of Utusan Malaysia and in its ensuing reports on DAP's and the position of Islam in the country.

In its Aug 8 publication, on Page 5, the newspaper said it was a sin for Muslims to support a party which openly rejects the Islamic state and Hudud laws.

The daily quoted the founder of traditional grassroots learning centre Pondok Geting in Tumpat, Kelantan, Abdullah Sa'amah as saying  that the DAP's struggles are different from those of the MCA and MIC in the BN.

The BN component parties, he added, are not regarded as non-believers hostile to Islam (kafir harbi).
Zairil Khir Johari (3)Zairil (left) said painting the DAP as a party for the infidels makes it appear as if it against Islam, which is a "dangerous allegation as it is clearly done with the intention to spark religious and racial sentiments".

He added that the DAP had never been an enemy of any religion and has upheld Islam as the official religion of the Federation, while respecting the freedom of other religions.

At the Jalan Pattani Northeast District police headquarters, Zairil was accompanied by Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik.