Sunday 26 August 2012

So criticising Umno is insulting Islam

YOURSAY 'Not only are these NGOs terrible at portraying the good side of Islam, but they are also terrible at understanding English.'

M'kini subscribers' comments earn wrath of Muslim NGOs

your sayMegabigblur: Here we go again, holding blog or news site owners responsible for third party comments.

Anyway, the comments are not condemning Islam - they are condemning ruthless government officials who have failed to show respect for another religion and for the grief of a family.

Besides failing at English, Malaysian Muslim People's Coalition (IRIMM) president Amir Amsaa's math is pretty bad too - how could 119 comments come from 200 subscribers?

Lurker: These NGOs should mind their English. The sentence "Umno has turned Islam into a mafia religion..." is criticising Umno, not Islam. Please go and study English first before making a police report.

Dood: Not only are these people terrible at portraying the good side of Islam, but they are also terrible at understanding English. I mean, look at the statement that they had problems with. How is that a statement of insult against Islam?

Mirror On The Wall: It seems someone is hell-bent on stopping Malaysiakini at any cost. I wonder why.

But this is also an example that readers' comments must be sensible and intelligent so as not to allow any party to twist and spin our words, of which they are experts. Also, this so-called complaint is an example of a calculated misinterpretation of what had been said.

Datos: The issue is about Umno hijacking Islam and it has nothing to do with insulting Islam. A little knowledge is indeed dangerous.

Not Confused: Oh for God's sake, why don't these busybody NGOs get a life and stop prattling on about non-issues. Islam doesn't need their ‘protection', nor do the vast majority of the Muslim population of this country.

The police should have much better things to do than receive even more of such meaningless police reports (none of which will be acted on anyway) - they would be better employed reducing actual crime.

Let the idiots protest. It's their right after all, even though we have been told it is not in the Malaysian culture to protest, right?

Telestai: Malaysian Muslim People's Coalition (IRIMM), Dewan Ekonomi dan Sosial Muslim Malaysia (Desmma) and Malaysian Muslim Consumer's Association (PPIM), please grow some thick skin and get used to criticism.
Worse things have been said about Christianity and greater offences have been committed against Hinduism by your political masters. So cool it.

Dumb&Deaf: We are a beautiful country overrun by mental and moral cockroaches.

It is sad to see there are people without a clue about the spiritual essence of their own religion, who are concerned only with the vulgar, violent and vituperous political dimension, and who let themselves be used as pawns to keep Malaysia divided and disintegrating.

Abd Aziz Mohd Nor: Tell me how the status of Islam could be lowered? It however could be lowered by followers of Islam since it depends on them on how they follow Islam.

It really puzzles me that MCA is shouting that they are opposed to the setting up of an Islamic state but these guys have said nothing of it. Duh!

Podeh: The unspeakable things IRRIM and their cohorts do is a thousand times worse than a few hurtful comments.

Remember, Malaysia is a multiracial and multireligious country. I am a pagan and I pray to a particular stone in Kelantan. My religion (paganism) still has its rights under our constitution.

Progressive: This is a very sensitive issue and this is exactly what I feared. I am a non-Muslim but a Malaysian first. Deep in my heart, I try to understand at least a little of the feelings of other Malaysians, irrespective of their race or religion.

I have many great Muslim friends and I understand what Islam means to them. It is their belief and it is not our business to question their belief.

M Nagamah was a Muslim at the time of her death. No one had the right to take away her Islamic right and cremate her. It doesn't matter why she converted, or her reason and motive were. Just respect her decision. Period.

And it is not for anyone to make disparaging comments about the religion either. It does not matter what they do in Indonesia, this is Malaysia.

Geronimo: IRIMM president Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay, how about you try to be a little sensitive to the non-Muslim family and the deceased for a change.

You say that Malaysiakini readers are trying to be funny? No, no, no, you are wrong. We view the incident quite seriously and taking the body away from the bereaved family is certainly not an idea of a joke. Don't you people have a heart at all for the family?

Taikohtai: Any god or messenger worthy of veneration or worship does not need human intervention nor praise. Islam is no exception, but the zealots wearing Taliban blinkers think they are the chosen protectors.

Muak: A great god does not need his followers to defend him. Otherwise, he is not worthy to be called god or worshipped. Some clowns in this country want to defend their god. How stupid can they be?

Johorean: Freedom of choice and faith is God's gift. These extremists are manipulative and always trying to control others for their own benefit.

We The Rakyat: Malaysiakini readers are quick to comment on how Umno plays up racial sentiments, yet they are also very quick to insult Indians, especially Indians who are Muslims.

Is this the way we will allow Pakatan Rakyat to take Putrajaya and allow these bigots loose among our community?

Many are quick to blame racial politics practised by MCA, MIC and Umno, but in the same breath go about insulting other races, why? Because they hide behind pen names and feel superior in making these disparaging remarks.

Joe Fernandez: Why shouldn't DAP leader Karpal Singh question hudud? He's not a Muslim. Besides, one has to question hudud, syariah and the Islamic state when defending the federal constitution, secularism, democracy and human rights.

Hudud, syariah, and the Islamic state are against the federal constitution, secularism, democracy and human rights.

Daseen: If there is evidence of Malaysiakini commenters maligning and spewing abrasive remarks on the sacred status of Islam, it is only fair and justifiable for the police to initiate an investigation and interview these rabble rousers, and if they have committed an offence, arrest them and charge them in court.

After all, it is easy to identify the IP address and locate these individuals. The law is the law.

Blind Freddo: Why are these guys act so cowardly that they attack the messenger (Malaysiakini) when what they should be doing is debating the rights and wrongs of the issue with their critics.

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  1. PK does not make the people hate BN. Some people are influenced to do so. Others because they know from their own experience how BN works. They hate the way things are managed like money. Money is wasted. Of course it is not about being all that perfect too. But when beautiful reports are shown to the public, they will ask is this true ? How can something that takes year, be transformed overnight ? It is illogical and therefore the reports are false. Which means they are lies. The politicians have to stop thinking that the people will never get angry and never ask. The people has to voice out even more to make the government work. The people who vote the government in has to make sure it works because the people who vote them in are their bosses. Islam is a religion. Malay is a race. The sad sad fact in Malaysia is Malays are kept in bondage. They have no choice but to be Muslims from the day they are conceived in their mothers' wombs until the day they die.