Tuesday 7 August 2012

S'gor to Noh: 75pct water tariff hike not a burden?

The Selangor government has refuted a claim by state Umno deputy chief Noh Omar’s claim that higher water tariffs proposed by Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) will not burden the people.

This was because the concession agreement between Syabas and the previous BN administration would have caused a 75 percent hike in water tariff by now, said Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong. 

"Pakatan is of view that any increase in water tariffs is a burden for the people that we must strive to minimise.

"This is why the state government has pledged that water tariffs will not be raised more than 12 percent for at least three years," she said. 

On August 4, Noh admitted that the water tariff would be increased after the completion of the Sungai Langat 2 water treatment plant but gave an assurance that the increase will not burden the ratepayers. 

Langat 2 for cronies?

Wong accused the federal government of pushing for the RM8.65 billion plant to enrich its cronies and drive the nation further in debt.

"In all likelihood, what this really indicates is probably an eagerness to siphon funds from the federal government into the pockets of a select few," said Elizabeth. 

Moreover, Selangor would have to fork out RM60 million a year to buy water from Pahang, the water source for the plant. 

Wong said the source of Selangor’s water woes is the weak financial mismanagement of Syabas, which recorded an “unacceptably high" non-revenue water (NRW) rate at 32 percent. 

"We’ve just seen one of BN era projects that have caused the rakyat's funds to literally go down the drain," said Wong.

Yesterday, Syabas chief operating officer (COO) Lee Miang Koiblamed the state government for their inability to reduce the NRW rate.

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