Swiss Human Rights group Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) has urged Sarawakian Olympic medallist Pandelela Rinong Pamg not to accept any rewards from Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, citing concerns of "political manipulation".

"We call on Pandelela not to let herself be politically manipulated and advise her to politely turn down Taib's ‘special gift'," read BMF's statement yesterday.

The chief minister had reportedly promised a gift shortly after she had won the bronze medal at the Women's 10-metre diving event on Aug 10, making her the first Malaysian female Olympic medallist.

NONEWithout disclosing the nature of the gift, Taib (right) was quoted saying that he would reward her after he had met her.
Pandelela eportedly arrived at Kuching International Airport earlier today.

"Taib has abused his political power and done more harm to Sarawak's indigenous peoples than any other Malaysian politician.

"He lacks the moral legitimacy to make a special gift to an outstanding Bidayuh champion like Pandelela," BMF said in a statement today, pointing to allegations that Taib had supposedly abused his power by granting logging concessions to his family members, who collectively are also stakeholders in some 400 companies.

BMF has played a major role in highlighting Taib's alleged wrongdoings, including the above allegations.

"It is feared that Taib is planning to abuse Pandelela's Olympic success to boost his own dwindling popularity.

"The only gift Pandelela should accept from Taib is his resignation as chief minister, which would be a relief to the whole of Sarawak." the NGO added.