Saturday 11 August 2012

Nazri: No objection if Janji Bersih can be held peacefully

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said the government has no objection to the Aug 30 'Janji Bersih' gathering if it can be held in a peaceful and civilised

NONENazri said the gathering could be held, as provided under the Peaceful Assembly Act, but the organisers would have to comply with the rules and regulations.

"The government has no problem if they want to hold a peaceful gathering because we have the Peaceful Assembly Act. What is important is for the organiser not to involve political issues during the gathering," he told reporters after presenting Aidilfitri aid in Ipoh today.

Nazri said this when asked to comment on the gathering scheduled to be held at Dataran Merdeka on Aug 30, at a site next to this year's Merdeka Day countdown.

On a claim by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim that a few more political leaders in Sabah will join the opposition parties soon, Nazri said it was normal, especially with the 13th general election to be held soon.

"There are some elected representatives or Umno leaders who might not be selected again to contest, like Lajim Ukin, so they act fast by jumping to another party, like a frog, to contest in the general election," he said.

He said Anwar's action in pulling the BN leaders who would not be selected to re-contest in the coming general election into the opposition pact would not adversely affect BN.

"Anwar also jumps party, from Umno to PAS and then to PKR. It is not surprising to have him accept people like that," Nazri added.

- Bernama

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