Thursday 23 August 2012

MCA insists gov't approved Chinese independent school

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek insisted today that the recently approved Kuantan Chong Hwa school is in fact a Chinese independent school, not a national secondary school.

This comes despite a copy of the approval letter, which has been leaked online, showing  that the conditions imposed are for a national-type secondary school.

NONE"To me, it is a Chinese independent school. If you want to play it up in the media, you can play it up," Chua told a press conference in Petaling Jaya this afternoon.

According to the leaked letter, the Chinese independent school's medium of language would be Malay.

Furthermore, the letter states that the school must abide by the National Secondary School Syllabus (KBSM) and its students would be required to take the PMR and SPM examinations.

It makes no mention of the Unified Examination Ceritificate (UEC), which is the main qualification examination for independent Chinese schools.

However, Chua insisted that the Malay language was merely referring to the exams under the KBSM syllabus such as PMR and SPM.

"If you want to take KBSM exams, of course you use Malay, if you want to take UEC, then only will you use Mandarin.

Whenit was pointed out that the agreement made no mention of UEC exams for the school, Chua insisted that the letter clearly states the approval was based on the contents of the application.

"Whatever that was inside the application form, all of them were passed," he said.

Discrepancies conceded

According to a Sin Chew Daily report, the Kuala Lumpur Chung Hwa independent school's board of governors vice-chairperson Lim Yew Jin had conceded that there were 'discrepancies' between the application put in for the school and what was actually approved.

Asked if MCA would help rectify the discrepancies, Chua said the party would make an official comment only after Kuantan Chong Hwa's board of directors clarified the matter.

"The Federation of Chinese Associations president Phing Yin Huah has said he will clarify the matter later this month. Let him clarify first," he said.

Phing also serves as chairperson for the Kuantan Hwa Chong school board.

The Kuantan Hwa Chong school, which will be the only Chinese independent school in Pahang, was approved by the government following a 5,000-strong protest led by Dong Zong.

The application for the Kuantan Hwa Chong school was handled by its Kuala Lumpur chapter.

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