Monday 6 August 2012

Manoharan’s foot in the mouth, again ― The Malaysian Insider

AUG 6 ― Last night, Datuk Lee Chong Wei played his best at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He broke his own heart, our hearts, and cried, apologising for not winning the gold. What Lin Dan had in prowess and skill, Lee had in heart and attitude.
No one should take it away from him, our champion.
Not even DAP assemblyman M. Manoharan. His remarks on the Twitter micro-blogging site riled many last night and today, be it online or in the real world. Just as he did last year when telling Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to design a new Malaysian flag if they take power. Insensitive, idiotic and totally inappropriate.
Yes, it is his right to praise Lin Dan but not to knock down Lee. This is the pinnacle of world badminton ― the Olympics ― and Lee tried his best, only to lose the last two points.
And it isn’t about rewards or who has a better sports minister. Or that we should be hard on our athletes. Anyone who gets entry to the Olympic Games is already a winner. Not many can be Olympians, can they?
Monetary rewards go only so far but it is the drive, the stamina, the spirit and the attitude that makes a champion and a gold medal winner. Lee had that. So did Lin Dan. Except Lin Dan won.
Politics has no place in sports. Boasting that PR has a sports minister in waiting does not do anything for Malaysian sports to improve. Yes, we need more investment in sports, we need to discover athletes and players from young, and train them to be champions.
We have had champions before, but just never an Olympic gold medal winner; that’s all.
It would be easy to blame the Barisan Nasional (BN) government for the lack of Olympic gold medals. And if that is all a PR politician can do, then he should just focus on the despicable art of blaming and name-calling, and leave nation-building and governance to those with a better sense at it.
Because, Mr Manoharan, this isn’t about politics. This is about real competition, using brains and muscle to compete and win.
Put yourself in Lee’s shoes and do your best for your country. Not put your foot in the mouth and be a nuisance to every Malaysian who stood with Lee last night as he battled Lin Dan.
Lee is champion. His golden moment was uniting us last night, which no politician from either side has been able to do in all the years we have been a free country.
Nobody needs to give PR a chance for a gold medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016. We just need to give a chance and all our support to our athletes to do their best for Malaysia, unlike your boast last night.
Right now, Lee remains a Malaysian champion and you, nothing more than a politician with his foot in the mouth.
You might think it’s fine to knock down Lee, just as you think it was fine to change the Malaysian flag but there are 28 million Malaysians who think otherwise.
Think about that the next time you open your mouth or tweet about anything.

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