Sunday 12 August 2012

It’ll be a new govt in Putrajaya

Umno doesn’t have the fortitude to publicly say what it is thinking.

We are going to see a new government in Putrajaya after the 13th general election.

My prediction is that Barisan Nasional will end up with between 97 to 114 seats. There are 222 seats in parliament.

BN chairman Najib Tun Razak knows that with just a three percent swing in popular votes, Umno will be left with 71 seats.

With the same vote swing, MCA will end up with 10 seats and MIC will be reduced to two parliamentary seats. But it is more likely, MCA may only end up with two parliamentary seats having lost its legitimacy among Chinese.

When this happens we will see a new team move into Putrajaya.

When this happens, we can expect the current Chief Secretary Dr Ali Hamsa to tender his resignation.
We will request former chief secretary Sidek Hassan to relinquish his post as chairman of Petronas.

We will let Najib know the business of government is not like playing musical chairs.

Najib stops the music and shoves a chair underneath Sidek while pulling away some seats meant for other people.

There’s no telling what Sidek will and can reveal if he were allowed to fall.

‘Umno thinks in private’

It’s almost a protocol nowadays for former senior servants to kiss and tell all.

We will also deal with Azman Mokhtar and see what Khazanah has been up to.

We will put their books under the knife and allow accountants to look at how and what the Ivy-leagued university boys have done with our funds.

We will ask all loss making government-linked companies (GLCs) to stand and be counted and if after the count, they can’t stand, we will close them.

We will ask Syed Mokhtar Bukhary to reduce his debt exposure because we cannot allow such huge debt exposure to threaten our financial system and bring this country to economic collapse.

We will also haul the bank that breached the limit in lending to one particular borrower.

Probably the Umno leaders have talked themselves into becoming block-headed to deny the overwhelming rejection of Umno/BN by the people.

Let me tell you 90% of the Chinese reject Umno-BN. So Umno tries to stop the rising tide of discontent by pitting Malays against Chinese.

I hope the majority of Malays are sensible enough to be aware that numerically the Chinese will never be able to replace Malays.

As for the Malaysian Indians, only the most insensitive among them will want to support Umno-BN after the “hang (Bersih co-chairman) Ambiga” outburst.

Believe me that statement was not done in a fit of absent-mindedness.

It was a calculated statement designed to create fear in those who opposed Umno thinking.

The Umno MP who said it, said what Umno thinks in private but doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to say it out in the open.

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