Internet Blackout Day has been dubbed a success due to immense support from various news portals, public figures and personal blogs, among others.

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), which organised the campaign to oppose Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950, said it is pleased with the coverage.

NONE“The campaign is a big success. (Twitter trend) #Stop114a is trending worldwide and it is now in Malaysia’s Top 10 trending list,” said executive officer Masjaliza Hamzah (left) when contacted this afternoon.

This campaign also garnered much support on the social website Facebook.

The ‘likes’ on the page themed '1Million Malaysians against Evidence (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2012', had increased from some 2,000 yesterday to more than 30,000 at the time of writing.

“People are not only spreading it on Facebook, but they have even closed their websites for 24 hours to support this campaign,” Masjaliza said.

Websites that have closed down for 24 hours to show their support include those of the Bar Council, NGO Empower, and DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang.

NONEOthers showed their commitment by adding ‘Stop 114A’ pop-ups, banners and articles.

Social activist Marina Mahathir’s blog, PAS organ Harakah Daily, legal forum Loyar Buruk and Malaysiakini are among the websites involved.

Even non-political websites like popular online forum, prominent automotive-themed blog and gadget portal mobile88 have participated.

Users attempting to access are greeted with a black pop-up screen stating "This is what the web could look like" under the amended Evidence Act provisions.

This campaign has garnered wide international media coverage such as on the Australia Network News, BBC, ABC Radio Australia and Forbes.

Malaysia's highly-popular online forum is planning an online 'hangout' session and inviting a few speakers to talk about the Stop 114A campaign.