Friday 24 August 2012

Hisham's crime-busting revelation riles up Twitterjaya

Last Thursday, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters that the focus on crime-busting was "not seen as a need" for the government until only recently, and no, he was not misquoted.
Brickfields OCPD Abdul Wan Bari Wan Abdul Khalid leading Ops Tawan bangsar village 1"We have now gotpolitical will right to the top (to fight crime). This was never the case, even since Merdeka... it was not seen as a need," he said.

As expected, this did not go down well with netizens, or any partially sane Malaysian for that matter, especially once you have considered the recent spike in crime across the country.

Here's a collection of Twitter posts reacting to Hishammuddin's revelation:
Benedict Tan: Trying to portray himself as a superhero like Spiderman or Batman by becoming the first minister since independence to give priority to crime fighting. What a joker.

Ian Tan: Corruption = Crime, but since corruption is so enjoyable, (there is) no need to fight it.

Eric Tan: Security not a need? Why so (many) bodyguards needed by all these gahmen mentris (Government ministers).

Lim Teck Hooi: Why do we need the police if crime-busting is not a priority?

Kamal Shafie: If only now since Merdeka, crime-busting is a priority, what have the police been doing all these years then? Playing goons to the government? Becoming their puppets?

So, they have not been doing their primary tasks after all? And spending taxpayers' money to the max!

Kai Shim: Hishammuddin Hussein is forever burned into my mind as the clueless and not-in-control home minister of Malaysia. Let's pray this guy does not get to become PM.

Ling Teck Ang: If not (fighting crime), then what is their priority? Eat and sleep or ask for duit kopi?

Moggy Narayan: Crime! What crime? Folks, it's a all a "perception". Just like having a functioning government is also a hallucination.

Alex Lai: Foot caught in his mouth, that's all. He does not mean in that way. I'm sure he means that crime rate those days are not that alarming.

Jason Wong: No wonder, corruption flourish, violent crimes get more violent, rape cases increase, motorcycle gangs (become) even more daring, arm robberies have gone bolder, etc. So what have they been doing for the past 55 years?

Mohd Sani: Pity him. He is surrounded by a bunch of clowns as advisers, no wonder.

Ng Kin Loon: If crime fighting wasn't a priority then how come RT (Rukun Tetangga) citizen's patrol was enacted back in the 60s and 70s? Hishammuddin is talking s**t.

Fong Peng Lim: I will only believe it when he acts on it, never believe anything until one sees action.

Sanmugan Raman: My perception about you (Hishammuddin) is that you are useless. Can you do something to change my perception first?

Kai Shim: If I told my boss after working at the company's security department for 50 years, that "safeguarding company assets and staff security" was not seen as a priority, I think I would get fired straight away for not doing my job.

What do we have home minister and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) all these while for?

Jeff Jun Wei: Okay, so before their job is not that important. Oh well, election is coming. Obviously, it is extremely important now - until they win again.

That said, let's wish we start perceiving a drop in crime rates now that Hishammuddin and his men and women in blue are on the case, finally.

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