Former Bukit Aman Criminial Investigation Department chief Fauzi Shaari has lent his expertise to Pakatan Rakyat's 2013 alternative budget, specifically on crime fighting.

ex-cid chief Fauzi ShaariAt a press conference yesterday at the PAS headquarters, Fauzi said his ideas were incorporate in a project under the alternative budget to improve public perception of the police force.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is scheduled to announce Budget 2013 on Sept 28.

Fauzi is the latest among former top civil servants to have joined PAS, a component party of the opposition coalition.

Meanwhile, PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali said Fauzi's experience as a top police officer will be of great help to Pakatan.

"The crime rate is so high that the government has to seek help from People's Volunteer Corps (Rela)," he lamented.

Mustafa said Pakatan was of the opinion that crime can be slashed by concentrating police personnel in populated areas.

He added that assigning more police personnel as investigators will also help solve more crime cases.

"We will provide full information when this has been finalised in our alternative budget, which will show our ability to take over the government," said Mustafa.