Friday 3 August 2012

Don't taint National Day with election ploys

By Capt Abdul Aziz Abdullah

I refer to your "Breaking News" report headlined "'Gov't scraps controversial Merdeka logo' that appeared on July 29.

It saddens me greatly to note that the government-of-the-day, in its zeal to promote itself as the one-and-only capable authority to manage the affairs of this fair land of ours, has completely lost focus on what our National Day means.

In my mind, Malaysia's National Day belongs to all of us, loyal Malaysian citizens, for the purposes of reminiscing the intricacies of our inter-ethnic cooperation that finally led to us gaining independence from Britain without shedding any blood; appreciating the trials and tribulations faced by this young nation of multi-ethnic hue towards infrastructural and economic progress and, finally, garnering expectations amongst all stakeholders in ensuring that the peace and tranquility, thus far enjoyed by our nation, remains steadfast for the future, too!

These are the aspirations of each and every Malaysian, sans differentiation of ethnicity, religion, wealth, status and above all, political affiliations.

National Days belongs to me, you and every loyal Malaysian who cares for the nation and her well being.

It is not, nay, it is never, the prerogative nor the privilege of the government currently in power to hijack and use it to evoke sentiments of gross partisanship and in electoral ploys.

Ordinary Malaysians of every shade and hue will object to such shenanigans.

Please, for heaven's sake, if winning elections is the primary concern of the powers-that-be, do use other less sacrosanct occasions.

Refrain from blemishing the sanctity of our National Day by surreptitiously including partisan overtones in what is supposed to be a celebration by all Malaysians for all Malaysians within a single nation.

Should winning elections be the primary focus, then, please call one now and be done with it.
Let's continue developing Malaysia together without all these distractions of partisanship being displayed at every opportunity.

Happy (genuine) 55th National Day celebrations!

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