Tuesday 28 August 2012

Cops blatantly biased, says PKR

'They’re quick to act on complaints against opposition supporters, but drag their feet if the offender is a BN man.’

PETALING JAYA: In the umpteenth public appeal to police to give equal treatment to Barisan Nasional and opposition politicians, a PKR official said today that the force’s bias was becoming more blatant by the day.
K Gunasekaran, a member of PKR’s Information Bureau, told a press conference that a recent case involving Kapar Hindu Sangam youth chief T Yogeswaran and PKR member S Pandiyan clearly pointed to a double standard.

He was referring to a June 30 incident in Taman Sentosa, Kapar, in which the two men stopped pro-BN activist S Kalainavar from completing his speech, claiming that he was using vulgar words in Tamil.

Gunasekaran claimed that Yogeswarn and Pandiyan politely told Kalaivanar to stop his ceramah because it was inappropriate for an audience that included women and children.

“However, Kalaivanar lodged a police report claiming the two threatened to harm him,” he said.

“Within a week, the police took action. The two each had to pay RM7,000 in personal bond and have to report at the North Klang district police headquarters every Wednesday until their court case is over.”

By contrast, he added, the police were dragging their feet over complaints lodged by opposition politicians.

He cited the case of Puchong PKR chief S Murali, who was assaulted last May, allegedly by MIC Youth members, outside the Prime Minister’s office. No action has been taken against the alleged assailants.

“In the same month, Umno supporters pelted opposition supporters with stones during a ceramah by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in Lembah Pantai. It happened right in front of the police, and yet no action was taken,” he added.

Murali suffered injuries to the eye and facial bones. At the Lembah Pantai ceramah, at least one elderly man and a child suffered injuries from the stoning.

Gunasekaran reminded police that the reports in these two and many other cases were lodged by taxpayers and urged them to be professional in carrying out their duties.

“The police must investigate the reports we have lodged without fear and favour,” he said.

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