The stage is set for a massive Merdeka Day bash on Friday at the biggest stadium in the country. However, most ordinary tax-paying Malaysians who are funding the grandiose event are not invited.

bukit jalil merdeka day sitting plan 270812Instead of common folk filling up the 100,000-seat capacity Stadium Negara, those present will be VIPs, BN component party members, civil servants, schoolchildren and other specially-picked groups.

According to the sitting arrangements released today, two minor BN-friendly political parties - Indian Progressive Front (IPF) and Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) - will also be allocated seats.

Those fortunate enough to make it into the stadium will be feted to a series of special youth-themed performances dubbed “Gen-Y”, which will take place on the field.

bukit jalil merdeka day sitting plan 270812According to the programme, other notable performances include a IM4U and 1Malaysia flashmob, a 1Malaysia dikir barat performance and a rendition of “patriotic songs”, Nadi Rakyat, and the much criticised Janji Ditepati.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will be playing a pivotal role in the event, which will see him participating in a tweet-up event and handing certificates of achievement to 10 “youth icons”.
Pakatan can join the rakyat outsid.

Najib will kick off the event with a “Unity Walk” in which he and wife Rosmah Mansor will lead an entourage that will include cabinet ministers and BN component party leaders, in a procession around the stadium.

bukit jalil merdeka day sitting plan 270812The event will cap off with a fireworks display as the prime minister mingles with youths outside the stadium. Following this, more performances and a lucky draw event will take place inside the stadium, until midnight.

Information, Communications and Culture Ministry secretary-general Kamaruddin Siaraf members of the public could witness this spectacle from four screens outside the stadium.

Kamaruddin was speaking to reporters this afternoon after the final preparation meeting for the Merdeka Day celebrations.

Asked why opposition parties are not included in the seating plan, Kamaruddin said that opposition party members could join the rest of the crowd outside the stadium.

bukit jalil merdeka day sitting plan 270812“They can come on the ‘tiket rakyat (people’s ticket)’ No problem,” he said, adding that the opposition was invited for the parade at Dataran Merdeka in the morning.

He explained that the omission from the invitation list was due to the fact that the opposition was “not interested” in the federal government’s Merdeka Day celebration and even rejected the event’s original logo.

“Merdeka is not meant for political causes, it is not politics at all. It is a national celebration of our nation. We can invite (them if they are interested),” Kamaruddin added.