Friday 10 August 2012

Bersih 3.5: The spirit returns with a vengeance

YOURSAY 'Believe it or not, the truth can be uplifting. We are willing to put ourselves on the line again - in the name of patriotism.'

Bersih agenda to colour Dataran Merdeka countdown

your sayBersih Generation Malaysian: Hooray... Bersih on Merdeka Day. Count me in and let's see if they are going to fire on us with water cannon and tear gas in this Ramadan month.

Let us patriotic Malaysians have the largest-ever Merdeka celebration on our National Day. Let's Bersih on Merdeka Day.

Chung Kuo Hsien: Wow, you can't fault what these guys are trying to achieve. An oppressed human spirit will return with a vengeance. A sea of yellow listening to poetry on the eve of Merdeka Day.

Narrish: For the Merdeka countdown, all must go with yellow T-shirts for the Merdeka celebration. When the government can play politics, the rakyat also can play politics.

Sayonara: This is Bersih 3.5.

Podeh: The BN government should use ‘Janji to Tipu Lagi' as their slogan - this will be much more appropriate and believable and hence attract a much greater number of patriotic Malaysians.

‘Janji Ditepati' is so unbelievable that it'll put off the rakyat who, after being screwed so many times, are really jaded by now.

Give us something which we can relate to, even if we have to tolerate it. We just like to hear the truth sometimes because, believe it or not, the truth can be uplifting. We are willing to put ourselves on the line again - in the name of patriotism.

Anonymous #62163581: Keep the pressure on by sustaining the spirit of Bersih. Wear yellow, tie yellow ribbons, grow yellow blooms, put up yellow curtains alongside the national flag as soon as the 13th general election (GE13) is called.

Brighten up your homes and signal to others that you want also to brighten up the future for your family and friends.

You can still vote Umno if you are convinced your Umno candidate is the man who will fulfill his promises to lead and not to bleed your tax dollars or allow others to do so.

Jimmy Ng: Okay, enough said. Let's do it! Pass this on to inform as many as possible.

For all those who cannot make it to Dataran Merdeka that evening, please wear yellow as a show of support. It's time to bring out my Bersih T-shirt again.

Anonymous #60202292: Yes. I suggest to hold the same ‘Janji Bersih' in all the cities in Malaysia doing the Merdeka countdown.

Let's see if the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) want to chose to act professionally or act as running dogs for Umno-BN. I sincerely hope the PDRM will act professionally. Doa lah (let's pray).

Don't Play-Play: National laureate A Samad Said (Pak Samad), masih lena di buai mimpi. The GE is yet to take place so how do you conclude that BN has not fulfilled its promises in ensuring clean and fair elections?

It is true then that senility works in subtle ways for this ‘sasterawan negara'. Sigh!

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dear Don't Play-Play, please do not insult Pak Samad whom you may not even be able to hold a candle to when it comes to literary prowess.

The Election Commission has been very clear in its statements that it will never to be able to implement the demands of Bersih for clean and fair elections because they simply don't believe that there is anything wrong with the electoral roll.

So it is never ‘Janji Ditepati' because it is only ‘Pembohongan dan Penyelewenggan yang Ditepati'. Yang mimpi itu adalah yang masih kabur penglihatannya kepada hakikat didepan mata.

YF: Umno brought this upon themselves. What could have been an avenue to unite the rakyat is now an event that divides because of Umno's hijacking of the Merdeka celebration and turn it into a despicable party event.

Malunya (So embarrassing). Umno never learns.

Kolopilah: One single call by Bersih and everybody will answer. How awesome! I'll be celebrating my Hari Raya among the Bersih supporters.

Lukeking: Wow! This is going to be shocking to BN. Hope the organisers take all the precautionary and preventive measures. Let's not be sabotaged this time.

Anonymous_3ec6: I love these people - ‘Janji Bersih'. What will the mayor of Kuala Lumpur have to say when they gather at Dataran Merdeka, or will they get a court order to ban yellow T-shirts on that day? False ‘democrazy' is what Umno-BN practises.

Two Eye Ball: I too will be in Dataran Merdeka with as many of my friends. Let's see if we can outnumber them. This Merdeka Day celebration will definitely go down in history.

Righteous: Umno has reached the ‘waktu senja' (twilight) of their life. They have plundered the nation and those they purported to defend. Malays are no more TT (terima dan telan - accept blindly). They question every move made by our elected representatives. Wasalaam.

Petson01: In 1957, when Tunku Abdul Rahman declared Merdeka, I was too young to understand its true meaning.

For once since independence, I feel the surge of love and nationalism via Janji Bersih. I would be there rain or shine, and don yellow from top to toe. I wonder if I can find yellow underwear. Hidup Malaysia!

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